Westfields Marriott and Bellevue event center wedding of Supriya and Joe

Supriya and Joe met like every other high powered finance executives at top companies in New York City. On the trading floor; yes between making million dollar deals calculated in seconds. Joe noticed a girl that he had to ask out; and although they worked for the same company, on the same floor for over […]

Mayflower Hotel Indian Wedding: Seema and Kanad

Mayflower Hotel Indian Wedding They met in an elevator… Seema and Kanad met seven years ago when they lived in the same building in Reston, VA.  With parking spots close to each other, they often found themselves on the elevator at the same time making small talk about the weather or current events. At first they were […]

Nikita and Joe George Washington Masonic Museum Wedding

Nikita was in Florida for medical school with men being the furthest thing from her mind; with school work, volunteering and family obligations her life was fairly crazy without having to juggle another commitment. But her friend mentioned she found the perfect guy for Nikita and wanted to introduce them; Nikita blew it off thinking […]

Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner Indian Wedding of Sonia and Arjun

She sat in the makeup chair gleaming from ear to ear; a 3AM wake up call didn’t phase Sonia. She had her favorite Bollywood music playing with a little drake and biggie mixed in to ensure her “street cred.” She kept everyone laughing and smiling as she put the finishing touches on her perfect wedding […]

Puneet and Karan: Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Indian Wedding

The way they looked at each other on their wedding day was as if they hadn’t seen each other for years and the love they shared could, quite literally, be felt throughout the venue and by all of their guests; heck half the wait staff had tears in their eyes. Their love is the type […]

Aneesha and Dan: Interfaith Wedding at the Westfields Marriott

She sat there patiently, blissfully happy as her makeup artist, added the last touches to her blush. Today was the day that she had been looking forward to for so long. The day that she would finally marry the man of her dreams, her very best friend.  She looked gorgeous draped in a red and […]

Shaily and Gurpreet: Sikh and Hindu Wedding

There is always a collective response when Shaily walks into a room, and it reveals itself as a smile and happiness. She makes people at ease and the glow of her effervescent personality lights a room even after she’s walked out. Shaily’s laugh makes others laugh and her happiness brings out the best in all […]

Harleen and Shravan: Three Day Hindu and Sikh Wedding

It was one of those relationships that was simply perfect; everyone from the young to the old know their love was true love and the type of love to last the test of time. It wasn’t only because they went out of their way every day to try to make the other one happier, or […]

Poonam and Ballu: The Bellevue Indian Wedding

Nine years and counting; they started dating as high school sweethearts. Dated all through college and even as they entered the working world. Ballu was attracted to the way Poonam always took care of him; ensuring the little things were always taken care of. He loved her beautiful laugh and her innate way of making […]

Simren and Harp: Washington DC Sikh Wedding

It wasn’t a marriage between two people; it was a union between two families. So much in fact that Harp’s sister was actually the one who introduced him to the beautiful, outgoing, funny and bodacious woman he fell madly in love with. Simren was caught slightly off guard when Harp’s sister told her about this […]

Rani and Nishant: Baltimore Hindu Wedding

It was a moment in time ingrained in Rani and Nishant’s; ten years before Rani and Nishant started talking; really talking – their paths crossed at a party where Nishant was coerced into singing a Justin Timberlake song in front of everyone. As an avid singer and musician – Nishant didn’t skip a note and […]

Washington DC Hindu Wedding: Juhi + Mrunal

They call New York Home; well the little amount of time they actually spent there. Between running back and forth to and from the hospital finishing their respective residencies. Up and down the New Jersey Turnpike attending meetings at associated hospitals and planning a small intimate five day four hundred guest wedding. Together they navigated […]

Northern Virginia Indian Wedding: Priya and Nrupen

There seems to be a constant response that occurs when Priya walks into a room; the room instantly become happier with people smiling, hearts skipping a beat with an effervescent calm that only Priya brings. Her laugh echos throughout the space infecting everyone with her happiness. Yet the one who can make her smile on […]

Baltimore Indian Wedding Photography | Nidhi + Sunny

The theme of the weekend was simply perfection; the premise that through their lives Nidhi and Sunny never settled; building extremely successful lives in their respective fields, surrounding themselves with friends to last multiple lifetimes and having families that the Cosby’s and the Beavers would be jealous of. Through all their successes they never settled […]

Shafali + Collin: Three Day Indian Wedding

Two families, two cultures, one couple starting one life together. They spent the last week together celebrating, laughing, eating and reminiscing about their lives apart and looking forward to a life together. They spoke about their vows to each other, how they make the other one better and a sacred promise to love unconditionally. Friends […]

Kamana and Shivanth Wedding

Every girl dreams of the moment their Jimmy Choos walk down the aisle on their wedding day towards their future husband. They dream of the moment their eyes lock and her groom begins to weep tears of joy. It was this moment and ohh so many more that made Kamana And Shivanth’s wedding perfect. Literally […]

Bethesda Hyatt Indian Wedding: Nitya and Pramod

As her wedding day unfolded – she sat there patiently, quietly and immersed in the moment. Her wedding day. Her career was driven by her vicarious personality that allows her to set her mind to something and get it done. But her love life took a back seat most of the time so that she […]

Payal and Kevin: North Carolina Indian Wedding

“Go Wolfpack!” were the first words Kevin heard echoed by his future wife. She was standing there, cheering loudly covered head to toe in NC State Wolfpack Gear. Kevin however was the exact opposite attending his first ever football game with no allegiances or reservations; simply coming to hang out with friends. Payal and Kevin […]

Westfields Marriott Wedding of Meera and Joseph

Joseph thought he recognized the beautiful woman in the corner chatting with friends and sipping on a red drink. He couldn’t place her, didn’t know if it was his mind playing tricks on him but he knew he had to talk to her. With the aged old line of “Do I know you from somewhere” […]

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Indian Wedding | Shivani And Vivek

After seven years Vivek knew it was time; time to ask his best friend, his confidant and his study partner to marry him. Shivani and Vivek had been dating and traveling the world together for what seemed to be a lifetime from meeting in Baltimore through mutual friends, to getting their doctorates from the Cayman […]