Kamana and Shivanth Wedding

Every girl dreams of the moment their Jimmy Choos walk down the aisle on their wedding day towards their future husband. They dream of the moment their eyes lock and her groom begins to weep tears of joy. It was this moment and ohh so many more that made Kamana And Shivanth’s wedding perfect. Literally perfect.

From the stunning center pieces, the elaborate and phenomenal mandap, the attention to detail of the century old family portraits, little trinkets from their adventures around the globe and signs that made their wedding truly them were fantastic. But the moment the wedding became breathtaking was the moment they saw each other for the first time, their eyes locked, Shivanth wept tears of joy, Kamana began weeping because the man of her dreams was weeping and they became one.

They say love conquers all and the love that Shivanth and Kamana share truly make them unstoppable. From notes and small gifts that Shivanth leaves for the woman that makes his heart skip a beat to the looks that Kamana gives Shivanth that makes him know that everything will be alright. They are two peas in a pod, a ying to the others yang and what love truly exemplifies.

Amazing Vendors:
Wedding Planner: Sagina
Styling: Social and Style
Decorator: Lambiance
Venue: Westfields Marriott
Makeup Artist: Suman Kholsla
DJ: DC’s Dynasty
Caterer: Bombay Tandoor

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