Washington DC Hindu Wedding: Juhi + Mrunal

They call New York Home; well the little amount of time they actually spent there. Between running back and forth to and from the hospital finishing their respective residencies. Up and down the New Jersey Turnpike attending meetings at associated hospitals and planning a small intimate five day four hundred guest wedding. Together they navigated stormy cold snowy winters, life of a resident and began building their lives together. After numerous attempts of friends to set them up – Juhi and Mrunal simply began talking. Their quick wit, laughter and honesty melted each other’s heart and their chemistry was undeniable. Through it all they called New York home.

Two years later Juhi donned a gorgeous red and pink bridal lengha – Mrunal wore a custom designed sherwani as they prepared to circle the holy fire in front of family and friends solidifying their love for each other and the beginning of their marriage. Within a stunning mandap draped with fresh flowers, Juhi and Mrunal married at the Alexandria Hilton Marc Center steps away from Washington DC. In front of family and friends they vowed to stay loyal to each other for all time, be faithful, humble and kind. Their marriage was completed with their steps around the fire but their love was destined far before that moment.

Amazing Vendors for Juhi and Mrunal’s Washington DC Hindu Wedding:
Wedding Planning: Dream Shaadi
Venue: Alexandria Marc Center Hilton
Makeup Artist: Styles by Swati
DJ: DC’s Dynasty
Henna: Bhavna’s Henna
Decorator: Shagun Weddings
Horse: Harmons Carriage
Caterer: Indaroma

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