Williamsburg, VA Interfaith Hindu and Sikh Wedding at Kingmill Resort

Manpreet and Kaartik’s williamsburg VA Indian Wedding was a gorgeous event that fused two beautiful cultures together in one epic weekend celebration in Williamsburg VA that we had the pleaure of providing photography and cinematography services for. On the Friday night before their wedding, Manpreet and Kaartik held a Sangeet where the bride and groom’s families […]

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Indian Wedding of Vibhuti and Chirag

If there were ever a wedding celebration to write home about, it would be that of Vibs and Chirag. They celebrated their special day with a three-day wedding extravaganza held throughout the Hyatt Regency Chesepeake Bay’s property, the three days were filled with plenty of choreographed dances, emotional vows and heart felt speeches from family […]

Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Indian Wedding of Dhruti and Daven

After over a decade of being together one would think that Dhruti and Daven would have the exact same likes and dislikes, merge their personalities and preferences together to be able to finish each other’s sentences and be totally at ease with each other. And although the last one is true, they are their own […]

Sonam and Akshath Three Day Indian Wedding at the Westfields Marriott

It wasn’t love at first swipe, it wasn’t even lust at first date – as their first date ended in a handshake (although it was a firm handshake). But there was something about Akshath that Sonam kept thinking about. Even through they were different in so many ways – he was an early riser and […]

Varsha And Dhruv Beach Indian Wedding

  Dhruv was studying for an exam when his friend called and told him to come to the Georgetown waterfront to hangout. He wasn’t really in the mood and had just started studying so he politely declined – saying next time he would go. But his ever-persistent friend just wouldn’t let him off the hook […]

Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Indian Wedding of Mithra and Jon

Mithra was in denial she had feelings for Jonathan throughout their friendship at The Virginia Commonwealth University. Their endless talks, pet names for each other, being each others backup spouses – she thought was just playful fun. Although she was in denial of having feelings she did know that she never wanted to lose Jon […]

Westfields Marriott Outdoor Indian Wedding of Ankita and Sreeker

Sreeker had been sitting on Anki’s number for nearly a month before he decided to take the leap and text her. Literally a month; He is the first to admit that he did not have the courage to call her right away, because he wanted time to carefully craft a response to woo her off […]

Farah and Sam Three Day Indian Wedding

He never wanted to be her friend, he never wanted to walk her home from class talking about the weather or meeting for a casual lunch while talking about college exams. Sam – from the moment he met Farah wanted to date her, he wanted to court her and he knew he wanted her to […]

Gaylord National Indian Wedding of Sonam and Eric

They crossed paths six years ago randomly in New York City and were best friends before they ever went on a first date. All of his friends knew he would eventually ask her out. All of her friends knew he was the man of her dreams; yet they waited; they stayed the course as best […]

Foxchase Manor Wedding of Puja and Anuj

  Puja and Anuj’s love story was written well before they were ever born. Their love story was written by two men who neither of them ever spoke to about their love lives (because that would be weird). They were introduced to each other by their fathers; who went to college together in India, got jobs […]

Buffalo, NY Indian Wedding of Anita and Kamal

They met by accident; a fluke that some would call destiny. Kamal was headed to Baltimore to visit family when a friend of his asked if he would be kind enough to drop him to Philadelphia. Since Philly was on his way he agreed; as they drove down to Philly Kamal’s friend told him about […]

Luxury Baltimore Hindu Wedding of Steph And Amol

She is a dentist providing under privileged children in Baltimore subsidized dental care. He is a GI physician at John Hopkins helping to create and write the guidelines for GI care. Together they are an amazing power couple whose resumes don’t do their hearts justice. They are down to earth, loving and honest. Their love […]

Washington DC Luxury Indian Wedding of Rhea and Peter

Pete walked into his normal coffee shop on his way to work, he got his coffee black, with a pack of sugar and was about to head out the door when a book caught his eye. At least that’s what he says but, in all reality, everyone is sure it was Rhea’s beauty. Rhea was […]

Jefferson Memorial Engagement Session of Gunita and Harpreet

They met casually, on-line, in person and throughout New York City. Gunita stood up Harpreet the first time they were supposed to meet. As they talked about meeting up again Harpreet half joked that if she stood him up again he wouldn’t ever talked to her again. She quickly quipped back that it would be […]

Washington DC Engagement Session of Vinny and Kenny

They finish each others sentences, walk at the same brisk 20 mile per hour pace and are always in unison. They are the couple that melded into each other’s arms ever so perfectly, could speak to each other with their eyes without uttering a word. They always know what the other is feeling. Vinny met […]

New York City Engagement Session of Kamal and Anita

They laughed playfully, hand in hand, eating peanuts and enjoying each others company. Although Anita and Kamal are both ridiculously busy with rotations, board exams and planning a small 400+ person two day Indian wedding you would never know it. They were simply smitten with each other as Kamal would brag at how smart and […]

Marriott Key Bride Wedding Reception of Samia and Ali

They met in a bar in DC; very retro and very them. Samia and Ali put personal relationships, family and friends above all else. So when they met in person, talked in person and connected they seemed destined to be. Samia has a beautiful southern charm mixed with witty humor that had Ali filled with […]

Hilton Baltimore Indian Wedding of Payal and Ronit

Ronit is the type of guy who sees the big picture, loves fast rides, especially motorcycles and knows everything there is to know about MotoGP.  There is something special about Ronit, perhaps it’s his magnetic smile or effortless charm, but his friends and family know he’s the go-to guy to make things happen. A title […]