Morais Vineyards Wedding Photography and Films of Ava and Rahul’s Multicultural Wedding

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Ava and Rahul’s wedding was a beautiful event that combined both Persian and Hindu traditions. On Friday they had a haldi and Sangeet that intermixed both Persian and Hindu choreographed dances, food and games. The next day Ava and Rahul had a traditional Persian ceremony with a Sofreh filled with an intricate spread of dried food, nuts, honey and other items that stand for the shared journey of life and marriage Ava and Rahul were about to embark on. Lastly they ended the weekend with a wedding reception where everyone danced, laughed, drank, smoked cigars and enjoyed the union of Ava and Rahul. A truly elegant and special weekend that I doubt anyone would ever forget. 

The ceremony and reception took place at Morais Vineyards, which provided a stunning backdrop for the wedding and reception. Their Persian wedding ceremony took place at the Palacio which is an outdoor secluded space next to the lake with a stunning background of the trees, swans and lake. The reception took place within their ballroom that had floor to ceiling windows and epic views over the vineyard, gorgeous Italian architecture and a room dripping in elegance. The couple’s family and friends traveled around the world – mainly France and India – to attend and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Ava and Rahul’s new marriage.

The weekend started with a Haldi Ceremony where the bride and groom were covered in Tumeric paste – a hindu wedding tradition to exfoliate the skin of the bride and groom to make them glow. Rahul’s family and friends had a little more fun with him ripping off his shirt and smearing him from head to toe in turmeric. 

The next event was the Sangeet where friends and family from both sides put on epic performances. Both families danced infusing both Indian and Persian music and dance routines into all the dances. Ava and Rahul made special performances on multiple occasions joining family and friends. 

On the morning fo the the wedding the entire energy was about the union of Ava and Rahul but more importantly their daughter Zoya whose parents were now making their family “official.” Both grandparents took turns holding and spending time with Zoya as Ava and Rahul got ready. 

As the father of the bride strode down the aisle, all eyes were upon him. He had traveled from France to be with his daughter on this special day and give her away. Even from such a distance, it was clear how close father and daughter truly were. The love between them was palpable as the father lovingly placed his daughter’s hands into those of her soon-to-be husband. 

As the bride and groom stood together before their families during the ceremony, they exchanged cultural vows steeped in a combination of Hindu and Persian culture. In that moment, every eye in attendance was captivated by the couple’s beaming smiles and humor, radiating pure joy and love. The ceremony captured the beauty of their individual heritages and the strength of their commitment to each other. 

Morais Vineyards provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic outdoor ceremony on the lake. Already breathtakingly beautiful, with its rolling hills and lush vegetation, it was made even more special with stunning decor that could not have been better suited for a wedding. On this perfect day, family and friends gathered to share in the joyous union of two hearts. 

As the love-filled ceremony came to its conclusion, a look of pure joy lit up the newlyweds’ faces as they beamed while walking down the aisle. Amazement and love filled the air as those in attendance at this beautiful inter-faith, multicultural wedding cheered and clapped for the newly married couple. To have found someone to love so deeply that love can transcend faiths and cultures was a great show of love and caring for each other – clearly evident on their ecstatic expressions. As for what awaits them next in life, only time may tell but one thing was abundantly clear in that very moment: Love had conquered all.

At the Reception began the couple’s first dance as husband and wife was a mesmerizing sight to behold, one that will be forever ingrained in the guests’ memories. The choreographed dance that they had practiced beforehand was executed flawlessly, creating an effortless performance filled with grace and emotion. As they glided across the dance floor, it was as if they were floating on air; the two of them were locked in an intimate embrace full of tenderness and love. For that single moment in time, all eyes were transfixed on them and all hearts overflowed with joy and admiration. It truly was a magical display of commitment and devotion between two people who have chosen to spend their lives together.

And although no one thought that could be outdone – Rahul and their daughter Zoya captured everyone’s hearts as they danced a father daughter dance showing the love and admiration this just married husband and father had for their baby girl. Not a single dry eye in the house. 

Congratulations to Ava, Rahul and Zoya, who chose an unforgettable backdrop to take their vows and celebrate their commitment of everlasting love. It was a magical day that will be treasured forever in photographs and videos (see below), from the sparkling decor of the Morais Vineyards to their emotional first dance as husband and wife. We were especially moved by the look on Ava’s face when her father gave her away – it was a moment that marked a lifetime of joy writ large across those two beautiful faces. The aura of happiness that surrounded them was palpable, dispelling any doubts about whether or not they had made the right choice.  As photographers and cinematographers we recognize this kind of enduring love – let us capture your special day with intimate shots full of emotion so you can always look back on it with a smile. Our passionate team is dedicated to telling your story through our lens 

Enjoy the Photographs and Films.

Amazing Vendors: 

Venue: Morais Vineyards

Planner: White Dress Black Tie 

Caterer: Indaroma

MUA: Beauty by NGK

DJ: DJjayent 

Decorator: Amoda Decor 

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