Westfields Marriott Outdoor Indian Wedding of Ankita and Sreeker

Sreeker had been sitting on Anki’s number for nearly a month before he decided to take the leap and text her. Literally a month; He is the first to admit that he did not have the courage to call her right away, because he wanted time to carefully craft a response to woo her off her feet. Something witty yet charming, affectionate yet cool. His efforts were in vain given that Anki literally eye rolled when she saw the message given that he waited a month to use her number – not three days, not a week but a full month. But almost immediately the conversation flowed effortlessly, and Sreeker and Anki started sharing their goofy and playful selves. On their first phone conversation, Sreeker tried to convince Anki Michigan is in the time zone as Virginia and Michigan is not considered a tundra. Anki took the moment to make it that clear if Kal Penn were to enter her life, she will leave Sreeker and the upward of 10 parking tickets she has received are all simply due to bad luck. Less than 2 weeks of phone conversations later Sreeker and Anki decided it was time to meet in D.C.

The night before Sreeker was supposed to head to DC, he worked all night in the ICU, then decided to go get Bloody Mary’s with his co-workers. He nearly missed his flight, was extremely exhausted and nervous to meet Anki all at the same time. Anki picked up Sreeker during rush hour at DCA, and proceeded to try to find parking in DC without getting a parking ticket…after an hour. Once they arrived Denson’s Liquor Bar, Sreeker quickly found out that Anki invited her friend to their first date.

Anki wanted to grab drinks with her friend and Sreeker to break the ice, and it worked liked a charm. Sreeker and Anki’s friend spent a good part of an hour teasing her and she immediately realized an icebreaker was never really needed. Sreeker fit right in…a little too well. After getting drinks they walked over to Oyamel, where Anki ate 1 taco while Sreeker, being extremely comfortably with Anki from the start, ate well over his portion of the tortilla chips getting seconds and thirds plus his whole meal and some of Anki’s. This was followed by walking around DC on a crisp fall night.

Anki and Sreeker had a two day wedding extravaganza which included an outdoor Sangeet and Outdoor Hindu wedding followed by a Reception in the Washingtonian Ballroom.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Planner: CG & Co Events
Wedding and Reception Venue: Westfields Marriott
Makeup Artist: SKS Salon
Cake and Deserts: Edible Incredibles
Baraat Horse: Old Town Carriage
DJ and Lighting: DC’s Dynasty
Wedding Decor and Rentals: LAmbiance


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