New York City Engagement Session of Kamal and Anita

They laughed playfully, hand in hand, eating peanuts and enjoying each others company. Although Anita and Kamal are both ridiculously busy with rotations, board exams and planning a small 400+ person two day Indian wedding you would never know it. They were simply smitten with each other as Kamal would brag at how smart and beautiful his soon to be wife was – Anita would blush ever so slightly curl up in Kamal’s arms and give him a small squeeze – thanking him for being so amazing.

Kamal and Anita met through mutual friends in college – from the moment they met there was a spark – they spent the next three days by each others side simply talking about everything and anything imaginable. Instantaneously and over night they became best friends. From late night study sessions, trips across the city for the perfect meal to experiencing medical school and residency together Kamal and Anita became each others biggest cheerleaders, biggest advocates and best of friends.

New York City had a special place for Anita and Kamal and was the perfect playground for their New York City Engagement Session. We started out in Times Square where we ate peanuts, went store to store, talked about the greatest reunion show of all time (Jersey Shore) and captured photographs of these two in love. From there we headed over to Dumbo as the sun was started to set.

Thank you for allowing us to capture your amazing engagement session – we can’t wait for the wedding in just a few weeks.

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