Williamsburg, VA Interfaith Hindu and Sikh Wedding at Kingmill Resort

Manpreet and Kaartik’s williamsburg VA Indian Wedding was a gorgeous event that fused two beautiful cultures together in one epic weekend celebration in Williamsburg VA that we had the pleaure of providing photography and cinematography services for. On the Friday night before their wedding, Manpreet and Kaartik held a Sangeet where the bride and groom’s families […]

Shaily and Gurpreet: Sikh and Hindu Wedding

There is always a collective response when Shaily walks into a room, and it reveals itself as a smile and happiness. She makes people at ease and the glow of her effervescent personality lights a room even after she’s walked out. Shaily’s laugh makes others laugh and her happiness brings out the best in all […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Destination Weddings!

Destination weddings are fabulous! We just recently returned from a luxurious beach wedding in Cancun, Mexico and wanted to share some tips with you related to planning and executing your destination wedding! No matter what your style or budget, there’s a destination wedding for every couple. Nature enthusiasts may long to tie the knot atop […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Couples Photographs

Over the past few weeks we have been bombarded with questions from potential brides asking what the ideal time is to have their couple’s portraits taken is. After all the bride is getting her hair and makeup professionally done, bought a custom fitting gorgeous dress that she spent months obsessing over and has an amazing […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Providing Extra Care and Consideration

Let’s be real, Fluffy doesn’t care that you’re getting married. While you stress about every little detail, your pets will still act the same and their needs will not change. They still want to be fed and walked like usual. Make arrangements for pets during your honeymoon and the days leading up to your wedding, […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation will set the tone for your entire wedding.  It will tell your guests how formal or casual your wedding will be, really giving them a sneak peek into your big day. It is customary in a formal wedding invitation to spell out everything, including the date and time of the wedding. For […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Lighting the Venue!

So the table card arrangements are all complete, the beautiful centerpieces look extravagant, the cake has been chosen and the venue is gorgeous! But what can be done to give it that extra WOW factor? That extra something extra to draw your family and friends eyes to what makes your wedding absolutely spectacular? How do […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Take a Break

Let’s face it, the wedding planning process can take a toll on you and your family. From booking your vendors, to deciding on a budget, to figuring out your wedding colors, every single detail takes a great deal of planning, coordination and patience. Once in a while it’s important to take a break from the […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Caring for your Engagement Ring and Jewelry

Now that you’ve got your beautiful wedding day jewelry it’s important to follow some important tips to keep your ring safe and sparkly not only for your wedding day but forever! Insurance Your wedding rings and jewelry are a hefty investment that will last a lifetime. For this reason its integral to have your precious […]

Wedding Planning Wednesdays: Bridal Shoes!

Your wedding events are hectic! Between the ceremony, posing for pictures, greeting guests, and dancing, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet! Through all the excitement, you may temporarily forget about the comfort of your feet; however, it is important that your shoes are as comfortable as possible, as well as […]

Wedding Planning Wednesdays: Hospitality Bags

Chances are good that your out-of-town guests will spend a good amount of time and money to travel to your nuptials. Show your appreciation by making the finer details of the trip as seamless as possible! Providing a hospitality bag with a detailed itinerary of wedding-related events, maps and driving directions or transportation information and […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Living Arrangements

Unless you and your soon to be already live together, chances are good that moving in with the new hubby will carry its fair share of surprises and compromises. Before taking the plunge, you obviously need to discuss where the two of you will be living: his place, yours or a new one altogether. Finding […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Financial Planning

The leading cause for divorce in America is Financial Discord, simply put; couples fighting about money. Life as a married couple is supposed to be fun, happy and stress-free. I mean after all now you have two paychecks to help fund that big girl bag! But before you take out that joint credit card and […]

Wedding Planning Wednesdays: Making Your Wedding Unique

Every bride to be wants a unique wedding. A night that is filled with fun, love and laughter but that is like no one else’s. A unique event does not always have to be difficult and expensive to achieve. The following tips will help you add some fun unique elements to your big day! Choose […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Cake Tasting

Ahh our favorite part of wedding planning, the cake tasting! The wedding cake may be the sweetest symbol of a wedding celebration, but in ancient times the custom was slightly different. Wheat, symbolizing fertility, was baked into cakes, which were given to all of the guests to throw at the bride. This tradition continues today […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Wedding Day Music

Music sets the mood and does a lot for your wedding events. The music played during your ceremony should be special to you individually and as a couple. An important factor in choosing your music is the setting for your wedding. If your ceremony is not in a religious setting, the sky is the limit […]

Bridal Wear: For Him

Much like the bride, the groom should select his wedding attire based on the formality of the wedding and should consider what the bride is wearing. The general rule is the more formal the wedding the more formal the attire – think black tie and tuxedo for formal, suit and tie for semi formal and […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Bridal Wear: For Her

It’s the moment you’ve been looking forward to during your entire wedding planning process-bridal wear shopping! Regardless if you wear a white dress or a dazzling red lengha, the dress shopping experience can be fun and exciting while still being stressful and overwhelming. The key is to relax and enjoy you experience. Keep things such […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Wedding Favors!

Amidst planning your timeline, buying your perfect dress and pick out your invitations, don’t forget about your wedding favors! With everything else going on its sometimes difficult to plan out unique and memorable favors for your guests. Start early; begin thinking of concepts and themes that may align well with your big day or you […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Honeymoon Planning!

Too often, a honeymoon takes a backseat to all the wedding planning. You give it just a little more attention! After all, the wedding is for your family and friends, but the honeymoon is just for you. It’s a time to relax and reflect, but most of all enjoy each other-for the first time as […]