Wedding Planning Wednesday: Cake Tasting

Ahh our favorite part of wedding planning, the cake tasting!

The wedding cake may be the sweetest symbol of a wedding celebration, but in ancient times the custom was slightly different. Wheat, symbolizing fertility, was baked into cakes, which were given to all of the guests to throw at the bride. This tradition continues today only in the form of throwing rice, birdseed or confetti at the newly married couple.

Whether you like the tradition of serving wedding cake or just love good cake, here are a few tips to help you find your ideal wedding cake!

In the recent past, traditional wedding cakes have consisted of plain white cake heavily decorated with white icing and topped with a plastic replica of a bride and groom, nowadays that is very retro. While tradition is nice, nowadays your cake can reflect a unique statement of your individuality. Get creative!

Know Your Site’s Vendor Policies

Before you commit to your baker, check out your wedding venue’s policies! Many locations will only let you use bakers from their list of recommended vendors, or they may charge a steep cake-cutting fee if you use someone off their list.  Additionally, many venues will not accept a cake from an unlicensed baker, which means that anything DIY from friends or family will not be accepted.

Flavors and Design

Wedding cakes come in a huge variety of different sizes, shapes and colors. It is entirely up to you to decide which flavor to choose.  Most popular flavors include fruit cake, chocolate cake, sponge cake and even cream cakes. Many wedding cakes have different filling for each layer. The variety gives you and your guests more variety to choose from. Your cake professional should be able to offer many different flavors and textures for your cake. Fresh flowers and other exciting decorations are not at all unusual anymore.

Topping It Off

Not to be overlooked is your cake top. That famous pair, the plastic bride and groom, have been replaced nowadays by the fun and whimsical or the elegant and personalized cake top. Almost anything goes, from blown glass to porcelain figurines painted and dressed in the likeness of the bride and groom, to ornaments depicting a couple’s occupations or hobbies. If you’re more traditional, fresh flowers echoing those used throughout the wedding are also a good choice. As in every other aspect of the wedding, the cake top should reflect the personality of the couple it represents.

Enjoy your tasting!!


, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Cake Tasting

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Cake Tasting

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