Wedding Planning Wednesday: Providing Extra Care and Consideration

Let’s be real, Fluffy doesn’t care that you’re getting married. While you stress about every little detail, your pets will still act the same and their needs will not change. They still want to be fed and walked like usual. Make arrangements for pets during your honeymoon and the days leading up to your wedding, if necessary. The best kennels and pet-sitters book up fast, so don’t put off this task until the last minute!

You’ll have to make a few more plans if you provide for children and elderly relatives. Be doubly sure to supply your emergency contact information, itinerary, health insurance information, doctors’ numbers and anything else they might need. Make the caregiver’s life even easier by providing a loose schedule for naps, feedings, school and lessons. Also include necessary supplies, such as diapers, medications (include dosages), food and spending money.

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