Bridal Wear: For Him

Much like the bride, the groom should select his wedding attire based on the formality of the wedding and should consider what the bride is wearing.

The general rule is the more formal the wedding the more formal the attire – think black tie and tuxedo for formal, suit and tie for semi formal and open necked shirt for casual. The addition or removal of ties and waistcoats or cummerbunds at each level of formality can dress up or down the outfit.


For formal weddings, many grooms choose to wear tuxedos. Some things to consider include the following: the location of your wedding (beach, indoors, etc.), the time of day, and the bride’s gown. Consider darker colors for a fall or winter wedding and lighter colors for a spring or summer wedding. When selecting a place to rent your tuxedo, check the reputation of the shop. Make sure they have a wide variety of makes and styles to choose from. Make sure you reserve tuxedos for yourself and your groomsmen several weeks before the wedding to ensure a wide selection and to allow enough time for alterations. Plan to pick up the tuxedos a few days before the wedding to allow time for last minute alterations in case they don’t fit properly. Out-of-town men in your wedding party can be sized at any tuxedo shop. They can send their measurements to you or directly to the shop where you are going to rent your tuxedos. Ask about the store’s return policy and be sure you delegate to the appropriate person (usually your best man) the responsibility of returning all tuxedos within the time allotted.

Suits with Ties

If you decide to wear a suit, keep in mind the style (two button or three), color, tie style, and vest option. If you are wearing a tie, you will also need to know how to tie your tie, whether it be a bow tie or a normal tie. There are many ways to tie a tie, from the Windsor and half Windsor to the Four in Hand Knot, explore your options before your big day.

In addition to tuxedos and suits, you may also choose to wear less formal attire, cultural attire or something entirely different. The possibilities and styles are endless. While style is importance you should also think about comfort as you will be in your wedding suit until you leave your reception! The basic rule of thumb is if you feel good you will look better so make sure the look you choose suits you!

, Bridal Wear: For Him, Bridal Wear: For Him, Bridal Wear: For Him

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