Nikita and Joe George Washington Masonic Museum Wedding

Nikita was in Florida for medical school with men being the furthest thing from her mind; with school work, volunteering and family obligations her life was fairly crazy without having to juggle another commitment. But her friend mentioned she found the perfect guy for Nikita and wanted to introduce them; Nikita blew it off thinking […]

Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner Indian Wedding of Sonia and Arjun

She sat in the makeup chair gleaming from ear to ear; a 3AM wake up call didn’t phase Sonia. She had her favorite Bollywood music playing with a little drake and biggie mixed in to ensure her “street cred.” She kept everyone laughing and smiling as she put the finishing touches on her perfect wedding […]

Puneet and Karan: Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Indian Wedding

The way they looked at each other on their wedding day was as if they hadn’t seen each other for years and the love they shared could, quite literally, be felt throughout the venue and by all of their guests; heck half the wait staff had tears in their eyes. Their love is the type […]

Aneesha and Dan: Interfaith Wedding at the Westfields Marriott

She sat there patiently, blissfully happy as her makeup artist, added the last touches to her blush. Today was the day that she had been looking forward to for so long. The day that she would finally marry the man of her dreams, her very best friend.  She looked gorgeous draped in a red and […]

Shaily and Gurpreet: Sikh and Hindu Wedding

There is always a collective response when Shaily walks into a room, and it reveals itself as a smile and happiness. She makes people at ease and the glow of her effervescent personality lights a room even after she’s walked out. Shaily’s laugh makes others laugh and her happiness brings out the best in all […]

Harleen and Shravan: Three Day Hindu and Sikh Wedding

It was one of those relationships that was simply perfect; everyone from the young to the old know their love was true love and the type of love to last the test of time. It wasn’t only because they went out of their way every day to try to make the other one happier, or […]

North Carolina Indian Wedding of Kaushi and Vishal

For their first date Vishal boarded a plane in Atlanta and flew to DC to ‘find out about a girl.’ He had no friends in DC, wasn’t sure what there was to do; but knew that if he didn’t meet the girl who kept him laughing for hours on end and up half the night […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Wedding Day Survival Kit

Survival kit may be a little bit of an exaggeration but over the years we have compiled a list of a few items that every bride should pack with them on the big day just case something happens. A bag filled with items to use in the event of a minor wedding day emergency. The […]

Aarav Turns 1!

Aarav is one of the cutest kids we’ve ever photographed. You may remember his adorable face from his first photo shoot, when he turned six months old. He’s a fireball of energy, amazingly well behaved and always happy! When we were asked to photograph his First Birthday Party we were ecstatic! Normally when you think […]

Black Friday Sale!!!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… NFL FOOTBALL SEASON HAS BEGUN! The fantasy football picks are in, last minute trades are final and the intense rivalry has just begun! We love love love football season. Not just because we love the sport but primarily because the fun rivalry that intensifies between us. See, […]

Food Therapy

It’s therapeutic actually, a moment in time that makes you realize that all the stresses and worries of the day aren’t as large as you imagined them to be; that all the problems you’ve labored over for hours have solutions and easy fixes. During the thirty minute or so of therapy each day we laugh, […]

New Photography Toys

So our goal this year was simple. Make our clients extremely happy and take some amazing pictures to boot (always wanted to say ‘to boot’). It’s not rocket science, not as astonishing as Google’s, GM’s or Apple’s yearly goals, but it is simple; to the point, and exactly what we wanted to do. Make our […]

Aarav – 6 Months old :P

Rarely do we agree to conduct photo shoots outside of the wedding market. Not because we do not necessary want to but because during wedding season, there simply is not enough time. But after one look at Ena and Vishal’s son, Aarav, we simply could not resist. Aarav is absolutely adorable and is such a […]

What Happens In Vegas!

Doesn’t stay in Vegas (at least this time)! Over the past two weeks we were sleep deprived, redbull drinking, fast food eating sponges soaking up every nuance that was wedding photography related. From March 3rd to March 11th we were in the city of sin AKA Las Vegas attending the WPPI Wedding Photography Convention. To […]

Published :)

Yup it happened; an editor for a fancy tourist guidebook saw one of my pictures, loved it and wanted to publish it in their guidebook! When I got the e-mail my excitement went through the roof, while jumping up and down doing the happy dance, I calmly and collectively said “sure, we can work something […]

Steffany and Jamie | Winchester VA

Wedding photography is like a drug- addictive and fun, something you are always looking forward to do and always sad to watch end. Our last wedding for the year was in early November, BUT I got another fix, an opportunity to fill in for a fellow photographer who fell ill at the last moment. Stephanie’s […]

A Happy Wedding Photographer

Some days getting up in the morning can be rough. After a long 21 hour, 400 person wedding, your body aches and all you want to do is cover your head with a pillow and submerge yourself under your blanket. Sometimes after all the running around from location to location and carrying a ton of […]