Wedding Planning Wednesday: Wedding Day Survival Kit

Survival kit may be a little bit of an exaggeration but over the years we have compiled a list of a few items that every bride should pack with them on the big day just case something happens. A bag filled with items to use in the event of a minor wedding day emergency. The following list has been complied based on our own experience, our past brides recommendations and our vendor recommendations!

Please feel free to comment and add items that may have been missed!



  • Sewing kit with black and white thread – Just in case the groomsmen’s need to do splits, doesn’t ruin your big day
  • Static Guard – Your dress has been placed in protective plastic and shipped all around the country so it may be necessary
  • Tide to Go – Quick fix for spills and stains
  • Safety Pins – just in case
  • Tissues – Trust us, you will cry
  • Hair Pins – just in case
  • Aspirin – minor aches and pains shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing time at your wedding
  • Hairspray – for possible quick touch ups
  • Double sided tape – a quick fix for holding the hem of fabric
  • Extra hosiery – in the event of a run
  • Clear nail polish – in case of a broken nail or rip in the dress- the clean nail polish will stop the rip from spreading and hold it to another layer of the dress
  • Clear deodorant – for “your friend”
  • Chalk – to get rid of certain types of stains
  • Straws – so you don’t smear your lipstick
  • Tooth brush & tooth paste
  • Dental Floss
  • Facial Powder
  • Lint brush
  • Hair brush
  • Oil blotting paper
  • Q-Tips – for the quick makeup fix
  • Band-aids – in case your shoes rough up your feet
  • Earring Backs – in case you lose yours
  • Chap stick
  • Flip Flops (so you don’t have to kill your feet between the ceremony and reception)


  • Extra pair of black socks – one of your groomsmen will forget
  • Paper clip – MacGyver usually saved the day with one

All of your kit items can be put in a beautiful box or bag, it’s also fun for the Maid of Honor to put the kit together and ensure you have everything for your big day!

Happy Wednesday!

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Wedding Day Survival Kit

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