New Photography Toys

So our goal this year was simple. Make our clients extremely happy and take some amazing pictures to boot (always wanted to say ‘to boot’). It’s not rocket science, not as astonishing as Google’s, GM’s or Apple’s yearly goals, but it is simple; to the point, and exactly what we wanted to do. Make our clients extremely happy and take some amazing pictures to boot . We’ve tried to do a lot to make our customers happier, faster turn-around, better processing but the burning fire in my chest, the one thing I want to do more than anything else is to get fantastic pictures. To get great pictures we maxed out the plastic and bought a few toys 🙂

, New Photography Toys

One tool a.k.a. my new toy is the 85mm 1.4 lens. It is an amazing lens that takes great pictures in low light situations such as dark churches, bridal suites without windows and mood lit reception rooms. The bokeh on this lens is gorgeous, allowing for a sharp foreground picture and great bokeh in the background.

, New Photography Toys

(window light, ISO 1000, 85mm, f1.4, 1/160sec)

Another lens we just bought is a 60mm 2.8 macro lens. It is an amazing lens to get details shots such as rings, shoes and cake details (yes, it’s all about the bride). Basically the lens works like a microscope, making everything the lens sees extremely large with immaculate details. It also works as a great portrait lens with sharp corners.

, New Photography Toys

(tungsten light, ISO 1000, 60mm, F2.8, 1/160sec)

The last toy we bought was a new go boda bag (no clue where the name came from), although we have our huge 500 pound wedding bag that we take everywhere. We also bought a boda bag to move around with multiple lenses inconspicuously. Great examples would be during Indian ceremonies where moving around the mandap is necessary but difficult to do so with multiple lenses or during the first dance when we want to get the overall dancing pictures as well as the close-up pictures. The bag is simply great, it straps directly to your hip and holds up to five lenses, but the bag is great because it opens up quickly and allows lenses to be switched in seconds.

We’re excited to use our new toys at your upcoming engagement sessions and weddings!

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