Venice: Our Time

Life goes by too fast to not enjoy the little things. People no longer stop to smell the roses or to call a friend. It’s all about facebook and text messages; and although it makes us more efficient, it doesn’t make us better friends or honestly more connected to those around us. A few years […]

Aarav Turns 1!

Aarav is one of the cutest kids we’ve ever photographed. You may remember his adorable face from his first photo shoot, when he turned six months old. He’s a fireball of energy, amazingly well behaved and always happy! When we were asked to photograph his First Birthday Party we were ecstatic! Normally when you think […]

Goals for 2011…and what we are thankful for

As we sit in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate, we reminisce about the days that have so quickly flown by. We think about where we came from and the where we have still to go. From starting Photographick Studios to getting engaged ourselves, 2010 is surely one for the memory books. We absolutely […]

We own a Winery!

After years of scraping and saving we finally did it, we bought a Winery! A beautiful, bountiful winery to make our very own batches of wine (unfortunately my names for the wine have been rejected thus far). Not many of you may know this, but my retirement goal is to own a vineyard on Nappa […]

Couples List

It was one of those things we had to do as a couple. Like kissing under the mistletoe at a company party or kissing each other when the clock strikes midnight on New Years (you can see where my head is). To Neeva we had to start crossing things off our “couples list” and we […]

Love Letters :)

We are always so humbled that so many people trust us to capture their most intimate and the most important moments in their lives. We are particularly humbled when in the process of capturing those moments our clients recognize us and thank us for our hard work. I would like to share a few quick […]

Off to Italy!

Neeva and I are jet setting across the Atlantic for some much needed R&R in Italy. We will be traveling to Venice, Florence, Rome and Capri before we head back home on Oct 5th. While we are away we will not have access to e-mail or phone. So if it is an emergency please head […]


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… NFL FOOTBALL SEASON HAS BEGUN! The fantasy football picks are in, last minute trades are final and the intense rivalry has just begun! We love love love football season. Not just because we love the sport but primarily because the fun rivalry that intensifies between us. See, […]

Food Therapy

It’s therapeutic actually, a moment in time that makes you realize that all the stresses and worries of the day aren’t as large as you imagined them to be; that all the problems you’ve labored over for hours have solutions and easy fixes. During the thirty minute or so of therapy each day we laugh, […]

New Photography Toys

So our goal this year was simple. Make our clients extremely happy and take some amazing pictures to boot (always wanted to say ‘to boot’). It’s not rocket science, not as astonishing as Google’s, GM’s or Apple’s yearly goals, but it is simple; to the point, and exactly what we wanted to do. Make our […]

Happy Birthday :)

Never understood it. Never. I still have the same jeans that I had in high school (them fitting is not the point). My wardrobe has always been defined by utility, not fashion. On Sunday afternoons my favorite attire is a pair of six year old sweatpants and a funny t-shirt (Neeva once borrowed a t-shirt […]

There’s an App For Photographick!

Introducing the Photographick Apple Application! We are elated to announce our newest product, our very own iPhone/iPad/iTouch Photographick application! After months of development our highly anticipated application is finally available at the iTunes App Store! In the digital world we live in; what better method for you to get your latest Photographick news and updates […]

Family Weddings :)

Over the past ten days we’ve spent seven of them celebrating family weddings. Dancing, drinking, reminiscing and eating (a lot). It was great to be on the other side of the lens and partake in the first and second wedding in our family. Here are a few quick pictures taken with my point and shoot. […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

While in Las Vegas for the WPPI convention this past March we met some amazing people, were inspired by the incredible work of fellow professionals and learned about great new photography products. But the most significant information we received was not about the newest lenses, lighting or album products, instead it was about an amazing […]

Accepted: Cake and Pictures :)

I applied, like a high school senior applying to a college so far out of reach that the admissions counselor suspected that the application was a joke. But in all honesty all you really need is a stamp and a dream, so why not? So what if he laughs? What if instead he accepts you? […]

Aarav – 6 Months old :P

Rarely do we agree to conduct photo shoots outside of the wedding market. Not because we do not necessary want to but because during wedding season, there simply is not enough time. But after one look at Ena and Vishal’s son, Aarav, we simply could not resist. Aarav is absolutely adorable and is such a […]

WPPI Plus Class: Yervant

It’s like learning how to play basketball from Lebron James, there are certain people in each profession that see the game in a different light, the type of people who can dissect any situation and teach theory and logic in a place where all everyone else sees is chaos. I had a chance to learn […]

What Happens In Vegas!

Doesn’t stay in Vegas (at least this time)! Over the past two weeks we were sleep deprived, redbull drinking, fast food eating sponges soaking up every nuance that was wedding photography related. From March 3rd to March 11th we were in the city of sin AKA Las Vegas attending the WPPI Wedding Photography Convention. To […]

WPPI: Las Vegas (and a business expense!!!)

So WPPI is basically the biggest professional wedding photographers conference in the whole wide world. There are symposiums (sounds fancy) on lighting, posing, composition, post production, album design, well you get the idea, essentially EVERYTHING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY RELATED. I was lucky enough to sign up to take classes with some of the greatest wedding photographers […]

Zoya Couture :)

“Sunny I need Pictures of my new line.” Said the President and CEO of Zoya Couture, also known as Arti “Arti, I need business cards!” Said I “ok, done” ended the greatest conversation known to man Arti from Zoya Couture has been a good friend from a long time and an incredibly talented artist. Her […]