Goals for 2011…and what we are thankful for

As we sit in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate, we reminisce about the days that have so quickly flown by. We think about where we came from and the where we have still to go. From starting Photographick Studios to getting engaged ourselves, 2010 is surely one for the memory books. We absolutely would not be where we are today without the loving support and encouragement from our dear friends, family, and our fabulous couples, and for that we are thankful.

We are thankful for our friends who had so much confidence in us that they not only referred our work to their own family and friends but also booked us for their own wedding and photographick needs.

We are thankful for our couples who not only gave us the artistic freedom with their portraiture but also allowed us to be more bold, daring and playful.

We are thankful for the amazing vendors we’ve worked with this past year. Your words of encouragement, tips and suggestions are gold.

We are thankful for our families who have supported each and every one of our ventures from day one. And also laughing along with us as we made our course corrections.

We truly are blessed.

2010 was an amazing year and we cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!

In 2011 we aspire to bring you wedding imagery that continues to be cutting edge, colorful and inspiring.

Our Goals for 2011

  • In 2011 we will blog at least two times a week.
  • We will blog more about us as a couple and as a Photographick team. This way you can really get to know your friends behind the lens.
  • We will take more pictures of us to document our love through the gifts we have (time to get in shape…no goal for that).
  • We will blog about more wedding day tips and include all tips in our updated iPhone App
  • We will share our wedding planning stories in hopes that you will also provide tips in the form of comments on our blog. When it comes to wedding planning we could all use the extra help!
  • We plan on getting the majority of our 2011 and 2010 wedding published and we will get at least two weddings published in print!
  • We will truly understand the power of lighting and buy the equipment to implement it.
  • We will attend more seminars and hone our craft
  • We will take more classes on post processing and work to make our editing even better
  • We will implement time saving techniques to get our clients their wedding pictures faster and easier
  • We will harness the power of social media to help our clients share their beautiful wedding pictures with the world
  • We will triple our monthly hits on the blog!
  • We will reveal our new Photographick website , blog, and client sites!
  • We will get our studio finished and will finally begin using it for our consults and meetings (maybe even get the holes in the ceiling patched up)!
  • We will spruce up our editing room and add a bit of inspiration.
  • We will work to perfect understanding our clients’ needs and get to know them on a more personal level.
  • We absolutely will continue having date nights at least twice a month if not more often.
  • We will go out with friends and family more often!
  • We will give back more often, our time as well as our earnings; whether through NILMDTS, Toys for Tots, Fisher House any any other charity who would like to work with us.
  • We will obtain our personal goals while balancing our Photographick goals while planning our own wedding!
  • We will finish painting the house and begin buying furniture!
  • We will grow deeper in love with each other as we start our journey as man and wife.

, Goals for 2011…and what we are thankful for

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