Date Night, One of the Reasons We Love Life

Date Night comes in many forms from romantic dinners together at the new up and coming restaurant, dancing the night away in an ultra swanky nightclub or even a night in; drinking wine, cooking and laughing the night away. Over the last few months between work, wedding planning and other obligations our date nights have […]

Back From Cabo San Lucas :)

We are back from our honeymoon! As many of you know Neeva and I got married on October 22nd and spent a few days in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate. We will be responding to all e-mails, posting some wedding tips, wedding day advice and posting two beautiful weddings in the next few days so […]

Photographick Studios Promotional Video!

After a few weeks of planning and conspiring we created a video that told potential brides the reason wedding photography is so important. We wanted to give them a message as to why couples love so deeply, laugh so loudly and love like no one is watching 🙂 And what better way of doing that […]

Football Season!

We are SO READY for some FOOTBALL! It’s finally here! The best time of the year! The weather cools, the leaves begin to color and the NFL season begins! Sunny and I are huge football fans! As instilled by my father, I’m a diehard Denver Broncos fan, and Sunny, well he cheers for the home […]

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the girl who can never sneeze less than three times in a row; the girl who has medical emergencies at three in the morning forcing me to get out of bed and head over to CVS to simply get face cleanser…thank goodness the fashion emergencies occur during store hours. Happy birthday to […]

Random musings at Indian Weddings

About a week ago, Neeva and I went to dinner with a few industry friends. Fellow photographers who live, breathe and enjoy weddings, photography and anything pretty. Over a few glasses of wine and scrumptious appetizers, we talked, laughed and simply hung out. In the process we did the normal song and dance all industry […]

Classroom Sessions :)

We love learning the about the latest photography equipment and software.  We keep our ear to the ground and stay abreast of the latest photography trends and techniques. After all, we want our clients to have the absolute best service and experience during their wedding.  This week we had the pleasure of attending the PASS tour. We […]

Washington DC June SmugMug Meeting: Nicole Wolf

Normally SmugMug meetings discuss various elements and disciplines within photography; topics such as workflow, lighting, post processing, pricing structures and other topics that most photographers get excited over; while the rest of the world sees these individuals through comic-con glasses with weird pointed hats. However this past meeting was a little different; Nicole Wolf owner […]


Fear is jumping off a kayak into the cold Potomac River without knowing how to swim; simply to get the perfect picture. Fear is planning a 300 person wedding in three months with no help simply to marry your soul mate; the love of your life. Fear is an emotion engrained in all of our […]

Trip to Nashville TN, ya’ll!

Every year it’s become a tradition; to get out of DC and just go somewhere, anywhere for my Birthday. Neeva and I just get away and enjoy some quite time; just the two of us. One year it was Puerto Rico, last year it was Ocean City and this year we headed out to Nashville […]

DC Smug: May Meeting – Jim Davis-Hicks

The DC Smug is an organization that brings together like minded individuals from all facets of photography to assist them in propelling their art and business. The group brings in speakers from all over the country to speak about various topics that affect the lives, art and businesses of photographers. For 2011 I have agreed […]

Fighting Breast Cancer Together

One out of every eight women in this country will at one time or another develop stages of breast cancer. It is a disease that is taking hold of our nation and has effected so many lives; everyone knows someone who has been effected by this gripping disease. When representatives from the Avon Walk for […]

Cherry Bloosoms :)

Every year at the beginning of spring the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. These pink delicate flowers attract tourists to D.C. from near and far. I have to admit, though I’ve lived in the D.C. metro area nearly my entire life, viewing the blossoms is something I will never get tired of. In some […]

I’ve got a story to tell….

From time to time and as randomly as humanly possible; Neeva will break out into the personification of a seven year girl about to go to sleep while cuddled up in bed; she needs a story. It doesn’t have to be about princesses and magical frogs or fairies and pixie dust but simply a story […]

Sorrento & Capri

Our last stop on our world wind trip across Italy was the picturesque and beautiful Sorrento/Capri. Our plan was to simply relax and enjoy the weather, water and romance that surrounds Sorrento. The first night in Sorrento we simply walked into center city, sat down in the busiest piazza we could find and enjoyed a […]

Rome Part II: Vatican City

You hear of Rome as a fabled city with triumphant victories, raging glory, religion and prestige. It is the home of Ceaser, Maximus and of course Gucci. After our teleportation to ancient  battles, the coliseums glory and the Roman empire it was time to leave Italy… well, not exactly, Vatican City is located within the […]

Rome Part I: The Coliseum and the Roman Forum

Rome was by far our favorite city in Italy. The eternal city went beyond living up to its reputation. It was a living breathing reincarnation of the movie Gladiator, only better! It represented everything we were looking for including history, mystery and romance. We spent three nights in Rome waking up at the crack of […]

Florence, Italy: History and Hyperventilating

We sat on the train to Florence without a clue as to what to see once we got there. We knew we had to see the David, a whole bunch of old art and the Duomo. But honestly outside of that we didn’t know why we were going to Florence, but everyone we talked to […]

Valentines Day Love

As we were driving to dinner last Wednesday; Neeva gently reached over the car, placed her hand in mine, squeezed tightly and said “How is the blog post for Monday coming along?” Perplexed and confused I looked over to her while standing in rush hour traffic and asked, “what post?” And, at that moment I […]

Always Be Learning!

In my consulting days at a big four accounting firm I had a manager that would always say “you’re not loving it if you’re not learning it.” His rationale was that when you love what you do, you will always want to learn more about it and learn everything about it. He was also the […]