Couples List

It was one of those things we had to do as a couple. Like kissing under the mistletoe at a company party or kissing each other when the clock strikes midnight on New Years (you can see where my head is).

To Neeva we had to start crossing things off our “couples list” and we HAD to go to New York City and see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. So on a slow weekend in December we headed up to New York City with a mission.

Unfortunately neither of us are New Yorkers and really don’t know New York all too well. Both of us like shiny flashy things and get distracted easily so even though our mission was to see the Christmas Tree we made many little detours including going to Times Square Toys R Us (greatest place ever!), a two hour lunch at a restaurant with a wine cellar that needed an elevator (we sat down hoping to see it in action….and we did!) and pictures with random people on the street.

, Couples List

(the power of an Iphone…camera)

We eventually made it to Rockefeller Center and were able to see the beautiful Christmas tree and were able to finally cross that off our list of things to do.

Next item to cross off….get married.

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