Accepted: Cake and Pictures :)

I applied, like a high school senior applying to a college so far out of reach that the admissions counselor suspected that the application was a joke. But in all honesty all you really need is a stamp and a dream, so why not? So what if he laughs? What if instead he accepts you? That was my logic when I applied to Cake and Pictures; an ultra fabulous new wedding photography website whose sole mission is to house the best photographers in the world and assist them in showing off their talents to future brides, magazine editors, wedding blogs and wedding industry professionals across the world. The Cake and Pictures website was created by some of the best wedding photographers in the nation and they have quickly gone global. I am honored to be accepted to this elite group and cannot wait to work with them on future projects. Thank you to all my past couples for allowing me to take such amazing images of you all. I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

Check them out:

, Accepted: Cake and Pictures :)

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