Random musings at Indian Weddings

About a week ago, Neeva and I went to dinner with a few industry friends. Fellow photographers who live, breathe and enjoy weddings, photography and anything pretty. Over a few glasses of wine and scrumptious appetizers, we talked, laughed and simply hung out. In the process we did the normal song and dance all industry folk do; we talked about cameras, lighting gear, being broke because we are buying too much gear and finally weddings.

Our friends have not shot an Indian wedding to date and wanted to know what they were like. So we talked and shared our experience. As we talked, their jaws fell lower and lower, their eyes got wider and wider to the point where we felt as if we were at dinner riding a unicorn. And at that moment I realized that Indian weddings are slightly different than most and there are certain things you will ONLY hear at an Indian wedding. Below are a few of my favorites:

  • We are having a relatively small wedding only 400 guests
  • Trying to get a sword through customs is extremely difficult!
  • We tried to get an elephant for the wedding but they are so freaking expensive
  • (Bride) “The jewelry and clothes for my wedding is light; it only weighs 30 pounds combined!”
  • We were told to buy fire retardant pants to wear under our outfits just in case the ceremony got crazy
  • The fire marshal is only here for three hours so the ceremony has to be quick
  • There is a six hour break between the ceremony and reception
  • There will be a 22 person choreographed dance at the reception
  • (Wedding Guest) “Who is the bride and groom, I’ve only met their parents?”
  • We are ONLY two hours behind schedule! This is great!

Add your favorites below!


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