Valentines Day Love

As we were driving to dinner last Wednesday; Neeva gently reached over the car, placed her hand in mine, squeezed tightly and said “How is the blog post for Monday coming along?” Perplexed and confused I looked over to her while standing in rush hour traffic and asked, “what post?” And, at that moment I realized that I should have seen it coming, like a soap star about to take the stage, she sat up, cleared her throat, looked me straight into my eyes and started. “Well Monday is Valentine’s day, and our first and ONLY valentine’s day as an engaged couple, don’t you think your potential brides would love to know what their potential wedding photographer did for his fiancé on Valentines day. It would be the perfect way to have brides swoon over and understand that we, like them are in love.”

The sly little minx was coercing me to get her something absolutely amazing so that we could write a blog post about it. Over the last few months I now realize why all my magazines were opened to jewelry ads, my name was added to every flower mailing list known to man and why Neeva would stop in front of every chocolate store at the mall.

For the first time; at least the first time I noticed, the blog was being used for evil. But not a real evil, just a cute, funny evil that I can live with. The coercion did work as I got my beautiful fiancé the flowers she hinted at and dinner reservations at a wonderful restaurant (other surprises will have to wait).

On Valentines day internet, I hope you; like me are able to enjoy the little things that make your love truly remarkable. Keep laughing, it brings out a beautiful smile.

, Valentines Day Love

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