Sonia and Atul: Georgetown Engagement Session

It was a strange date to say the least, especially so early in their relationship. Where most men would take the woman they are trying to woo to a fancy dinner, a Broadway show or even a concert; Atul had other ideas. He wanted the date to merge together his two favorite people – the […]

Ionie and Amit: Baltimore Engagement Session

They always walk hand-in-hand as their smiles and giddy behavior reflects off the nearby storefronts along Baltimore Harbor. Ionie walked the streets of Baltimore for over the last ten years, dining in canton, watching the sun set along the inner harbor and laughing with Amit all along Federal Hill. Years later the brick pathway leading […]

Mamata and Kumar Engagement Session – Philadelphia Indian Wedding Photographer

It was one of those rare once in a millennium days where both Mamata and Kumar were off from work. Their usual encounters include midnight Chinese food and twelve minutes two pm coffee breaks; eight of which are spent in line (the life of a doctor apparently isn’t well depicted on Grey’s Anatomy). Yet through […]

Mandarin Hill Engagement Session of Karuna and Rishey

It was a valentine’s day Karuna would never forget and a moment in time that defines their love; a moment that makes her smile every time she thinks of it. Rishey was home early cooking the perfect valentine’s day dinner, he was in the kitchen preparing Karuna’s favorite dishes all from scratch, lighting romantic candles […]

Dhruti and Manik’s Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

He prepared for weeks, finding the best deli in all of DC for fantastic sandwiches, heading over the Dhruti’s favorite cupcake bakery to get her absolute beloved flavors and simply finding the picture perfect flower bouquet that says “forever.” He planned and prepared, after all he was going to ask the love of his life […]

Washington DC Engagement Session of Tina and Vinu

Vinu knew Tina would be out to lunch with her high school friends; lunches that frequently turn into six hour conversations about everything under the sun. Lunches that frequently turned into dinners; which if no one has a watch can get them escorted out of the restaurant at midnight when the restaurant closes.  They were […]

Surili and Amit’s Washington DC Engagement Session at Roosevelt Island

Surili entered the summer wedding reception of her friends Jay and Roshni looking dapper from head to toe. It was a family friend’s wedding that Surili had been looking forward to all summer – beautiful décor, fantastic food and long lost friends from all walks of life. Surili was dressed the part, sporting a beautiful […]

Krupa and Ronak Winter Themed Engagement Session

He proposed with style. 12 single stemmed red roses all hand picked, 12 helium balloons with a purpose and a hidden message, hundreds of candles strewn throughout the Georgetown waterfront leaving onlookers in awe, plenty of friends and family helping them celebrate the most romantic and memorable day of their lives all because of one […]