Meera and Joe: Iceland Portrait Session

It all started off as a quick innocent phone call to talk about their wedding album and as we began reminiscing about the amazing choreographed dance performances, their friends and family who flew in from all over the world to celebrate and Joe’s face as Meera walked down the aisle. The nostalgia kicked in and […]

New York City Sailboat Engagement Session: Nithya and Arvind

Backpacking in Antarctica. Living in Switzerland and Australia. Traveling through South East Asia and stepping foot on every continent in the world. Yet Nitha and Arvinds favorite place; the location they yearn to get to every night is by each others side in New York City. Nithya and Arvind have lived amazing adventurous and jet […]

New York City Engagement Session: Juhi + Mrunal

They met over witty one liners, 90’s music references and a healthy dose of sarcasm. Juhi and Mrunal met in medical school after successful careers in other realms; so being a tad older than the incoming class they both had their guards up – ‘against them youngins’. After a few run-ins they realized that they […]

Kamana and Shivanth Engagement Session

Their story came directly from the pages of a fairytale as Shivanth thought of every possible item that would make his proposal to the woman of his dreams spectacular. He then went two steps further to ensure that Kamana had the story and the man of her dreams. Shivanth and Kamana started their courtship over […]

Reva and Caiyl Washington DC Engagement Session

She was decked out from head to toe; a stunning sari, brand new high heels that made the saying ‘beauty is pain’ ohh so true and a party attitude with a killer smile to match. Reva was headed out to a close friend’s wedding, ready to celebrate their love; all the while not knowing that […]

Rashi and Sandeep Washington DC Engagement Session

She is on the epitome of fashion; with her fingers dug deep in the world of fashion even as she is on the cusp of launching her very own line of clothing. Sandeep is an actor, director and musician all rolled into one. Their lives are hectic between casting calls, location scouting and design reviews […]

Gurleen and Amit Meridian Hill Engagement Session

Gurleen is the light within Amit he would do anything to keep her smiling and always happy; they met in college and instantly became inseparable. Their evening dinners turned into night long conversations about everything under the sun; their friends began affectionately referring to them as ‘Gamit.’ Together they emit a powerful energy and joy […]

Yesha and Vik DC Arboretum Engagement Session

It was the little things that Yesha loved about Vik; his outgoing personality, love for others to a fault and his ability to carry on a four hour conversation about ice cream were amazing. But it was the little things he did – the thought, the care and the love he put into it – […]

Washington DC Fall Engagement Session of Ankur and Harnoor

She was new to the area and it was quite literally his old stomping grounds. Neon lights, posh lounges, intrinsic restaurants offering fresh palates and a city he could talk about all day and party in all night. Ankur was from DC and he simply wanted to introduce the girl that caught his eyes to […]

Rock Creek Park Engagement Session: Kaushalya and Vishal

Washington DC Wedding Photographer

They walked together hand in hand, Kaushalya sporting the 100 watt smile as Vishal kept her attention with another story about their mutual friends, or optometry or pizza for all she could remember. Her only thought was that he was excited, she was happy and they were together – hand in hand. Their long distance […]

Neeva and Steve Annapolis Engagement Session

He was her brother’s best friend, she had met him dozens of times at sporting events, dinners and nights on the town. One weekend Neeva’s date to a wedding came down with the flu and she needed someone to go with ASAP. Her brother suggested Steve and he was sure Steve would say yes. He […]

Best of Engagement Sessions 2013

Over the last year we have been blessed with some amazing clients taking us all over the country and the world for the engagement sessions. Below are our favorite engagement session shots of 2013. Enjoy!  

Palak and Manan Engagement Session Teasers

We’ve had the absolute amazing ability to get to know Palak and Manan over the last two years. We shot their engagement session in the middle of 2012 and with the two lovebirds finally ready to tie the knot we took a few new pictures for their save the date cards. Enjoy!

Back from Paris + Quick Teaser!

Neeva and I just got back form Paris! We went for Neeva’s birthday and as a quick trip in the middle of wedding season. We had the opportunity to photograph a stunning couple while we were in Paris. Unfortunately we only had about 10 minutes before the heavens opened up unleashing a rain storm that […]