Reva and Caiyl Washington DC Engagement Session

She was decked out from head to toe; a stunning sari, brand new high heels that made the saying ‘beauty is pain’ ohh so true and a party attitude with a killer smile to match. Reva was headed out to a close friend’s wedding, ready to celebrate their love; all the while not knowing that on that very night; she would actually be the luckiest girl in the room.

Caiyl was at the same wedding celebrating his cousins wedding, he was assisting family members get seated as he passed Reva; they stuck up a conversation of witty banter with a mix of Hogwarts and the Redskins. A 10 minute conversation led to a new dance partner for the night and witty banter that had Reva thinking about this new man she kinda liked (after all he could reach the top shelf). Before the night was over Caiyl asked for Revas number and the rest is history.

Reva and Caiyl’s wedding is later this year and we are extremely excited to be capturing their love and hoping; that just maybe the cycle continues.

RevaAndCaiylAP-1000 RevaAndCaiylAP-1001 RevaAndCaiylAP-1002 RevaAndCaiylAP-1003 RevaAndCaiylAP-1004 RevaAndCaiylAP-1005  RevaAndCaiylAP-1007 RevaAndCaiylAP-1008 RevaAndCaiylAP-1009RevaAndCaiylAP-1010 RevaAndCaiylAP-1012RevaAndCaiylAP-1014

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