Wedding Planning Wendesday: Delegation of Work

We’ve mentioned how important delegation is in your wedding planning process but after having gone through our own planning and wedding, we cannot emphasize enough how absolutely important it is to delegate key tasks and roles during your big day as well. You’ve spent months planning every detail and every key moment of your big day. What use is it if you do not have trustworthy individuals executing your vision? We’ve come up with a list of key roles you may want to assign to family and friends.

Time Keeper: It’s so easy to run off schedule with so many moving parts and people. Assign an individual who is not only good with time but someone that is an authoritative figure. If one of you vendors is running late or if a part of the wedding is running much longer than anticipated, give this individual the pre approved authority to speak to whomever to get things back on track. Also make sure every one of your vendors knows the timeline; such as the makeup artist, photographers, hair stylist, etc.

Family Portraits: Assign a member of the family the task of ensuring that all family members are not only on time for your portrait but also dressed and on location. Ensure that you provide this member a list of all your portrait iterations in advance. We also recommend photographing the largest groups first to help ease chaos and confusion.

Vendor Point of Contact: The last thing you want on your wedding day is your vendors calling you at any and all hours of the day providing you with updates or asking you for clarification. Assign one or two POCs. If you have many vendors you might want to split the responsibilities among two people. There are many logistical questions that come up on your wedding day, let someone else stress over them! If for example the company delivering your ice sculpture is stuck in traffic and may not make it in time for your reception, it better that you do not know about the issue and ruin your big day. Let someone else handle it!

Bridal Party: If you have a large bridal party, assign your maid of honor and best man the task to ensure that the bridal party is on time and aware of their roles.

Other tasks you may want to assign to an individual:

  • Check the ballroom. Ensure the table numbers are placed on the correct table. (I cannot tell you how many times this gets mixed up!) Have someone do a final check of the room before it officially opens to your guests
  • Collect gifts and envelops. It’s so easy to simply forget these on the table in the middle of your room during cocktail hour. Have someone in charge of moving these up to your room.
  • Payment and Tips. Assign an individual the task of providing the final payment checks to all applicable vendors. Give them a list and individual pre-written checks before hand. Also, if you are tipping your vendors, do so before the event begins!
  • Food! Usually the banquet captain at your venue will ensure that the bride and groom are provided food. If you do not have a banquet captain provided to you, assign one

If you have any additional tips and lessons learned please feel free to share them in the comments section of the post!

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