Wedding Highlight Reel for Anjali and Gaurav

Truly in love is the only way to surmise their relationship. Anjali spent days coming up with the perfect wedding card. Writing and rewriting the message over and over in her head until she got it just right. two parts sappiness and love for every joke, the perfect mixture to make her words and their love unforgettable. Words from the heart with a deep and solemn understanding that only they truly understood.

Gaurav wrote from the heart the morning of the wedding, doing what he does best – putting a smile on Anjali’s face. His words injected love and happiness with inside jokes and memories of true bliss.

Gaurav and Anjali’s Highlight Reel encompass their heartfelt letters to each other from their wedding day we hope you enjoy!

To see even more from our stunning couple please check out Anjali and Gaurav’s wedding photographs!

Highlight Reel, Wedding Highlight Reel for Anjali and Gaurav

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