Wedding Planning Wednesday: Take a Break

Let’s face it, the wedding planning process can take a toll on you and your family. From booking your vendors, to deciding on a budget, to figuring out your wedding colors, every single detail takes a great deal of planning, coordination and patience. Once in a while it’s important to take a break from the […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Cake Tasting

Ahh our favorite part of wedding planning, the cake tasting! The wedding cake may be the sweetest symbol of a wedding celebration, but in ancient times the custom was slightly different. Wheat, symbolizing fertility, was baked into cakes, which were given to all of the guests to throw at the bride. This tradition continues today […]

There’s an App For Photographick!

Introducing the Photographick Apple Application! We are elated to announce our newest product, our very own iPhone/iPad/iTouch Photographick application! After months of development our highly anticipated application is finally available at the iTunes App Store! In the digital world we live in; what better method for you to get your latest Photographick news and updates […]