Photographick Studios Now Provides Cinematography!

Photographick studios is proud to announce our newest offering: Cinematography (like videography only better) Services!

What is Cinematography?

Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images with digital media whereas cinematography is the art form unique to capturing the light needed to make motion pictures(think movies). Motion pictures demand a new form of photographic techniques to capture motion using specialized technology to capture beautiful sound as well as video. So in a nutshell artistic Videography with a splash of photography.
Cool; what is so different?

Everything we produce is 1080P meaning high resolution with quality equivalent to and standards close to those of a HD TV show or Movie. Using specializing interchangeable lenses our team is able to get focal lengths, depth of fields and colors never seen with traditional video. The sensors in the cameras we use are close to two times the size of the normal professional video camera meaning we can capture details and sharpness normally not seen in traditional video. So in a nutshell the quality is much better.

Will the Cinematography affect the Photography?

No, it actually makes the photography better! When Photographick Studios is commissioned to produce both the photos and video we will always have a minimum of three individuals who have the capability to do both video and photo. Therefore it allows three different people to be able to work together to tell the story by creating beautiful and timeless films as well as stunning imagery. Having three cameras for both photography and cinematography will provide additional unique angles and coverage.

So what exactly is provided?

We provide a 6-10 minute highlight real that provides highlights of the wedding day from the getting ready images, throughout the wedding and reception. The video is produced in high resolution, interlaced with quality sound and music.

The ceremony and reception program is recorded in its entirety using three different camera angles, high quality sound and music overlays.

Everything produced will be provided in HD

Sounds amazing, where do I sign?

Please feel free to call our studio to set up an appointment, we would love to meet you and make your wedding that much more unique.

Do you have a wedding sample?

Umm yea!


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