Eastern Shore Wedding of Marina and Prajay

Prajay was nervous the first time he met his future wife. He was wearing brand new polished shoes, a suit and a sweet smile as he graciously introduced himself to Marina. His new hire buddy at his new job. Prajay and Marina were co-workers who instantly became best of friends, always going out to eat […]

Washington DC Love Story

We are elated to share Yaminee and Navin’s Washington DC Love Story with you all today! As their love story goes, Yaminee and Navin had several mutual friends; lived in the same area, frequented the same restaurants and bar and they even worked at the same company – but always missed each other. They would […]

Northern Virginia Sikh and Hindu Wedding of Reetika and Dhaval

They had an aura of love and devotion around them that had people even three times their age envied. They always held each other close, whispered in each other’s ears had inside jokes and love that was unconditional. The wedding was a mix of two worlds having both a  Sikh Ceremony and a Hindu Ceremony; […]

Georgetown Engagement Session of Arti and Zubair

Arti and Zubair walked hand in hand, synchronized in step and smiling from ear to ear. It was one of the few weekends that they had down in DC prior to their wedding and they wanted to make the most of it. Arti was dressed in a beautiful Lengha, with matching shoes that added three […]

Andrew Mellon Auditorium Wedding of Naureen and Hisham

Naureen sat patiently in her home, taking her time to have her makeup perfect, her hair stunning and a dress that would stop most people dead in their tracks. Naureen was calm and collected with her girlfriends all around she was ready to get married reminiscing about old times and looking towards the future. Her […]

Gowri and Deepaks Wedding at Fox Chase Manor

She barely slept from the night before tapping her foot in angst and staring at the clock; she had the mental countdown going in her head. Gowri has been planning her wedding for months, from finding the perfect venue, décor, linens, dress down to the letterpress announcements and pens that matched perfectly. She had four […]

Gowri and Deepak’s Sangeet at Bombay Tandoor

They walked up to the venue hand in hand, Gowri looked ravishing strutting a beautiful blue and turquoise Sari that matched Deepaks Sherwani down to the shoes perfectly. Their eyes told their story; that they were madly in love, excited for the future and ready to take in their fantastic wedding weekend. Hand in hand […]

Georgetown Engagement Session – Reena and Aakash

She was walking the cobblestoned streets of the Windy City in padded high heels and a beautifully flowing summer dress fully loving and enjoying the single lifestyle. She was in Chicago working on getting her MBA (small school called Kellogg…never heard of it), exploring a new city and enjoying some time to just be herself. […]

Washington Hebrew Congregation Center Indian Wedding of Puja and Pragnesh

They have the type of love where inside jokes are embedded into every conversation and their primary method of communication is staring into each other’s eyes. They have the kind of love that ebbs and flows where the other knows exactly what to say or do to ensure a smile stays concreted on the others […]

Marina and Prajay Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session

Prajay walked into the corporate office for the very first time nervous but excited. He had landed an amazing job that required fancy tipped shoes, ties that were not clip-ons and collar stays in his shirts. He walked through the glass doors to the corporate office entering the building, through the shiny elevator bank and […]

Nalini + Neil Indian Wedding

She woke early and peered out her bedroom window. The sky was still black, and Nalini could hear the sounds of rain pattering on the pavement. The rain would have been welcomed had it not been the morning of her wedding. She went back to sleep hoping for the best. The sun broke through the […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Introducing the Mrs.

We get so many questions from our brides regarding changing their last name that we figured it would be a good idea to repost today’s Wedding Planning Wednesday regarding changing your name! Check out our tips below and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! The decision about whether […]

Puja and Pragnesh Engagement Session at the National Harbor

Puja and Pragnesh met under the oddest of circumstances and when neither of them were even looking for love. They met at a typical Washington DC location they had both been multiple times, dancing to probably the same songs and sipping on the same drinks. It took an odd set of circumstances and a very […]

Sachi and Manish’s Wedding at Fox Chase Manor

She sat there patiently, blissfully happy as her makeup artist, Suman Khosla, added the last touches to her blush. Today was the day that she had been looking forward to for so so long. The day that she would finally marry the man of her dreams, her very best friend. She looked stunning in a […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Save the Date!!

You’ve said “yes” and the wedding planning is officially underway! It’s time to let your guests know you’re getting married, by sending them a “save-the-date” card/magnet/scroll/e-vite/etc. This pre-invitation mailing officially announces your wedding date and lets guests know that they will, in fact, be invited to the celebration. As a general rule, it is best […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Couples Photographs

Over the past few weeks we have been bombarded with questions from potential brides asking what the ideal time is to have their couple’s portraits taken is. After all the bride is getting her hair and makeup professionally done, bought a custom fitting gorgeous dress that she spent months obsessing over and has an amazing […]

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Saying ‘YES’ to the Dress!!

Next to picking your wedding date, venue and photographer, one of the next biggest decisions you will face as the big day approaches is choosing the perfect wedding dress. The process of shopping for a wedding dress can be an amazing experience, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. You might have a picture […]