Washington DC Love Story

We are elated to share Yaminee and Navin’s Washington DC Love Story with you all today! As their love story goes, Yaminee and Navin had several mutual friends; lived in the same area, frequented the same restaurants and bar and they even worked at the same company – but always missed each other. They would attend the same happy hours, friend’s birthday parties and work meeting, but were never introduced until one day in September four years ago. Their love story depicts this day in their lives.

We had a blast filming their beautiful loving story all around the Washington DC area. They laughed, joked and shared stories of their dating lives over the past four years! Yaminee and Navin chose to showcase their beautiful love story at their wedding reception this past weekend. Right before they were introduced into their reception as husband and wife, their guests were asked to direct their attention to the screen in the banquet hall. The crowd roared in laughter at the subtle jokes and smiled with them.

Please check out Yaminee and Navin’s love story!

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