Wedding Planning Wednesday: Welcome Bags

Chances are good that your out-of-town guests will spend a good amount of time and money to travel to your nuptials. Show your appreciation by making the finer details of the trip as seamless as possible!

Greet your guests with your personalized wedding hospitality bag with a detailed itinerary of wedding-related events, maps and driving directions or transportation information and a few water bottles and snacks, is easy to do and very much appreciated!

The bags can contain local specialties (such as food or beverage items manufactured or invented locally), souvenirs, area maps, tickets or passes to local amusements, etc. The bags can be left at the hotel where the guests are staying and the front desk will usually distribute them to guests upon arrival.

The decor of the bags can match the theme of the wedding. Include your wedding branding and stick to your theme colors and design.

Some additional ideas of what you may want to include in your welcome bags:

  • Itinerary outlining all wedding-related activities
  • Contact name and phone number in case anyone has questions (Assign a good friend or family member to be the primary contact, so you don’t have to field the calls – but also include the engaged couple’s cell numbers for emergencies)
  • Bottles of water & snacks. Wedding guests that are staying at hotels will appreciate not having to pay the high prices at the mini bar.
  • Maps or tourist info for the local area. Visit your local chamber of commerce or visitors bureau; they can provide plenty of handouts.
  • Local coupons (to outlet stops, tourist attractions, etc.)
  • Copy of the local newspaper (hotels usually only provide USAToday)

Remember to also add some unique and fun items to your bag that fit your wedding theme! For example, if you’re having a beach wedding you could include a mini bottle of sunscreen or a pair of flip flops. While you might be swamped with last-minute details, many guests will have time to kill.

Help them enjoy your fair city by providing restaurant suggestions, entertainment guides and admission information on popular tourist attractions.


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