Wedding Planning Wednesday: Lighting!

So the table card arrangements are all complete, the beautiful centerpieces look extravagant, the cake has been chosen and the venue is gorgeous! But what can be done to give it that extra WOW factor? That extra something extra to draw your family and friends eyes to what makes your wedding absolutely spectacular? Utilize lighting!

Use Color

Think outside your wedding palette when you use colored lights. If you’ve used green throughout your wedding, shy away from green lighting — it might be too much, and green isn’t always flattering. Opt for colors that complement all skin tones, like magenta or a soft rose.

Take advantage of the effect color can have on the atmosphere by changing the shades through the course of the night. For example, if your cocktail hour starts around sunset, you can splash your room with golden tones. During dinner, consider soft lighting that will mimic flickering candlelight.

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Lighting!, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Lighting!

Set Up Outside

Lighting for an outdoor wedding can serve a lot of purposes. If your site has a path or steps that people will be using throughout the night, keep it lit with solar lights or paper lanterns!

Also consider making a bold statement with more unconventional lighting fixtures. Some lighting pros are using dramatic, sculptural lights like large orbs, or rows of vertical poles of light that look like pieces of modern art. Another idea is to fill your centerpieces with clear glass marbles as well as small battery-powered lights to give a fun, interesting glow to each arrangement.

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Lighting!

Choose the Right Lights

The layout of your reception site can determine how you’re going to use lighting techniques. If dinner and dancing are happening in the same room, use a color wash to set the dance floor apart. If your reception site has sprawling ceilings, use pin spot lighting to keep the decor focused on certain details. And use a gobo light if you have a cute, recurring motif to help tie your reception together.

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Lighting!


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