Wedding Planning Wednesday: Honeymoon Planning Tips

You’ve spent a year planning the wedding of your dreams. Stressed over every single detail from the perfect shade of purple to your cake flavors. Now it’s finally time to relax-on your honeymoon!

Consider a mini-moon

If your wedding schedule was anything like ours then a mini-moon may be the best option for you. Having already taken three weeks off from work to spend time with family and finish planning last minute details, we did not have any more time off of work to take an extended honeymoon. We did the next best thing and took a short 4 day long mini-moon to a warm island not far away and began saving our time off for a more extended, exotic honeymoon later in the year. If your finances or schedules don’t allow for you to leave on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, consider taking one or two days in a close-by location for a ‘mini-moon’. After your wedding, you’ll need a little decompression time and a mini-moon can be a cost-effective solution.

Don’t keep quiet about being honeymooners.

Tell the world you’re on your honeymoon. Stand up on every chair, on every rock and shout, “We’re on our honeymoon!” Everyone from strangers to airlines to hotels will take notice and cheerfully offer you such special treatment such as complimentary champagne in-flight or a gift basket in your room. Go ahead, it’s your honeymoon.

Set a realistic budget, and set it early

If you’ll be paying for your wedding and your honeymoon out of the same checkbook, you’ll want to keep your finances in mind as you’re planning your wedding. Don’t count on wedding gifts as a way to finance your honeymoon.

Put everything in your maiden name

It may seem cute to purchase your plane ticket in your new married name, but don’t forget, if you’re leaving right after the wedding, you won’t have time to legally change your name. If your Passport and driver’s license have different last names, make sure to bring along a copy of your marriage license to explain the difference.

Book activities, bring reading material

For the past six months your every conversation has been taken up with wedding talk. You and your fiancé may need a little time to remember what else it is you like to discuss.

Enjoy the night

Go out, have fun as a married couple. Partying, dancing and going out married is a little different but loads of fun. Enjoy; with of course a night cap 🙂

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