Wedding Planning Wednesday: Gift Giving!

The holiday season is upon us! If you have spent any time at the mall over the past two weeks you’ll see that the Christmas trees are already decorated and the ginger bread lattes are already brewing. I love shopping and hunting for gifts for my family and loved ones. I usually have a difficult time finding the perfect present for my parents. A sweater one year and iPad the next-if your parents are anything like mine it’s hard to find something that they might actually really like. This year I don’t have that problem! Sunny and I were married last October and the one thing both of our parents have asked about more than anything else is about our pictures. When can they get a canvas or LED print for their home? Can they get another 8×10 or even their own personalized iPhone app of our wedding? (Yes, our clients now get their own personalized iPhone app!!)  The questions are endless. They can’t wait to show off our wedding images to their friends! Your images will make the perfect wedding gifts!

We’ve put together a list of photography gift options that would be perfect for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or any family member! Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment to come into our studio for a customized session to see your gift giving options!

Prints: (anything from a 3×4 to a 45×60). Multiple prints in beautiful frames are a great option for your family to place on their walls on atop tables.

Canvases– Our beautiful, hand crafted, 200 year archival prints are bold and beautiful. They come in several shapes and sizes! Also available: metallic tones and black and white!

LED Canvas: This product works in conjunction with the individualized frame to bring your pictures to life. Through the backlit LED technology, the images look as if they are jumping off the print; the colors are more vibrant, the details are stylized, the shadows and highlights are richer. Basically this new product adds a complete wow factor to any room.  Due to the unique nature and quality of these canvases they only come in three sizes: 11 x 14, 16 x 20 and 20 x 30.

Albums: Our custom albums are all hand printed, hand bound, and personally designed for each of our couples. Our albums only come with the best paper, 200 year archival paper and 100 year every day use; what that means is that means is that the paper is of the absolute highest quality and will last for generations! The album is custom designed and printed to ensure that the images look absolutely perfect and the design encompasses the emotions, love and people to make is truly unique and special for the two of you.

Additional products include: acrylic prints, iPhone applications, mini books, bamboo and metal prints!

We have samples of all of our products in studio! Make an appointment and check them out!

Holiday Sale: From now until October 31, 2012 use the Promotional Code Pumpkins to get 20% off all print sales

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