Wedding Planning Wednesday: Baraat Ideas

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Unique Baraat Ideas

Indian wedding Baraats are always filled with a lot of dancing, music and joy! The baraat is officially the groom’s procession and a kick start to the wedding day. There are many ways to make your baraat unique and memorable for your guests. There really is a lot one can do apart from a horse, Dhol player and mobile DJ to make it truly unique.

Think Outside the Horse

Washington DC Indian Baraat

While traditionally Groom’s arrive to their wedding on a white elaborately decorated horse, more commonly now, Groom’s are choosing other modes of transportation. From elephants and exotic cars to boats and helicopters, the sky is the limit.

Some ideas we’ve seen at our Photographick Weddings:

  • Boat arrivals
  • Jet-skis
  • Elephants
  • Exotic Cars
  • Trolley Cars

Wedding Baraat

Serve fun food and snacks!

Consider serving refreshments such as soft beverages, mango lassi, tender coconut and mineral water along with cold towels during the Baraat – especially if it is a day time procession. The bridal families are getting into the minutest detail like crafting a special menu of bite sized snacks which can be served during the procession.


Washington DC Wedding Baraat

Consider giving your guests matching safas to wear! Safas are very bright and add color to the procession. An other idea, for a day time Baraat you can arrange for colorful cloth umbrellas for female guests. These are made of Indian fabric and are available in vibrant colors.  These could even act as souvenirs post the procession.

Other Ideas!

  • For an evening baraat a display of fireworks, sparklers and crystal chandeliers are a must.
  • A fresh petal shower is also a good way to add color to the Baraat and make it livelier.
  • If your family and friends aren’t big dancers then consider hiring a bhangra group to help guide them along.
  • Consider arranging for a vanity van along with baraat for guests who may want to touch up or refresh before entering the venue would be a great finishing touch!

There is so much you can do to make your baraat unique and yours. Happy Planning your Washington DC Indian Baraat!

Washington DC Indian Baraat

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