Wedding Planning Wednesday: And The Lights Go Out…

As millions of Americans watched the lights go out during this year’s Superbowl, we couldn’t help but wonder how we would have reacted if that happened at our wedding.

I admit. I personally probably would not have handled it well but we actually did have this exact thing happen to one of our brides last year. This bride handled the power outage better than I could have possibly ever imagined. Imagine not being able to blow dry or curl your hair, getting ready in the dark in over 100 degree weather. Our bride handled it like a pro and took it all in stride.

Many power outages are due to inclimate weather, but this can occur any time of the year-by snow storms, hurricanes and tornados.
So, what should you do if the lights go out during your wedding?

Circle back with your vendors and find out how each would handle unexpected situations, including power outages. Check to make sure your venue has back-up generators and candles available. If you plan to hire a DJ, coordinate a time when he/she can go to the venue and take inventory of any additional equipment they might need. Remind your wedding planner to pack flashlights and a backup iPod, just in case.

A power outage is just one of those things that no one can predict. You can prepare as much as possible, but ultimately Mother Nature is in control. As long as you are surrounded by family and friends who love and know you best, you’re good. No one will hold it against you, or question your ability to throw a great party!
Just remember to keep calm and marry on. Lights on or off, you’ll still be just as married after all is said and done!

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: And The Lights Go Out…, Wedding Planning Wednesday: And The Lights Go Out…, Wedding Planning Wednesday: And The Lights Go Out…

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