Vinita and Amar’s Georgetown Waterfront Engagement Session

Note to self: When looking for a romantic idea – Call Amar.

Less than a year into dating Vinita – Amar was beside himself – constantly thinking of her witty personality, her beautiful curly hair that always caressed his face and simply the girl that with one look could instantaneously make Amar smile. He loved the fact that she always had to hold his hand even when walking to the couch, she constantly told him stories of things they did together and she most importantly always held him tight.

And for months all he could think about was the woman he wanted to make his wife. As a gift for graduating Amar flew Vinita to Paris and up upon the Pont Alexandre – he got down on one knee and asked Vinita to be his wife. From there they wined and dined the trip away, going over to the Eiffel Tower, dining at Comptior and spanning the cities museums. Amar and Vinita spent their engagement in the city of lovers – bringing back the essence of the city – always hand in hand and a story Amar will never grow old listening to.

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