Traveling to the Country

It was one of our summer time rituals since the day we started dating. It was a yearly excursion to just enjoy ourselves and pick up a few souvenirs for the months ahead. We loaded the car hand in hand with fancy waters, curiously named sodas and 16 ounce monster redbulls and drove to the country…you know thirty minutes west of Fairfax, Virginia. Every year we always make a day out of it; head off to a vineyard or two; pretending to understand wine, pretending to care about cheese but in all honesty just to get away together with a bottle of wine and enjoy the scenery. We always do a wine tasting or two and then simply walk around the beautiful grounds, looking at the grapes, the beautifully landscaped vineyard, the tasting room and just enjoying our time together, as a couple; in love. Enjoying the peace and serenity of the country life.

Just a few pictures from our trip to the country 🙂 We headed off to Three Fox Vineyards with our good friends and fantastic videographers Eugene and Heather (2Duce2)

, Traveling to the Country

, Traveling to the Country

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