Traveling to the Country

It was one of our summer time rituals since the day we started dating. It was a yearly excursion to just enjoy ourselves and pick up a few souvenirs for the months ahead. We loaded the car hand in hand with fancy waters, curiously named sodas and 16 ounce monster redbulls and drove to the […]

We own a Winery!

After years of scraping and saving we finally did it, we bought a Winery! A beautiful, bountiful winery to make our very own batches of wine (unfortunately my names for the wine have been rejected thus far). Not many of you may know this, but my retirement goal is to own a vineyard on Nappa […]

Barboursville Vineyards: Wine & More!

Neeva and I have been talking about going wine tasting in Virginia forever! It was one of those things you’d love to do, you write down, you have all intentions of doing…but never get to. Kind of like cleaning out the garage or just cleaning in general. But this time we put our minds to […]