Sorrento & Capri

Our last stop on our world wind trip across Italy was the picturesque and beautiful Sorrento/Capri. Our plan was to simply relax and enjoy the weather, water and romance that surrounds Sorrento. The first night in Sorrento we simply walked into center city, sat down in the busiest piazza we could find and enjoyed a […]

Rome Part I: The Coliseum and the Roman Forum

Rome was by far our favorite city in Italy. The eternal city went beyond living up to its reputation. It was a living breathing reincarnation of the movie Gladiator, only better! It represented everything we were looking for including history, mystery and romance. We spent three nights in Rome waking up at the crack of […]

Venice: Our Time

Life goes by too fast to not enjoy the little things. People no longer stop to smell the roses or to call a friend. It’s all about facebook and text messages; and although it makes us more efficient, it doesn’t make us better friends or honestly more connected to those around us. A few years […]