Puneet and Karan: Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Indian Wedding

The way they looked at each other on their wedding day was as if they hadn’t seen each other for years and the love they shared could, quite literally, be felt throughout the venue and by all of their guests; heck half the wait staff had tears in their eyes. Their love is the type […]

Riffat and Seef: Northern Virginia Valimah

Riffat and Seef met through mutual friends; She was instantly attracted to his ability to constantly make her laugh and his refreshing honesty. He was instantly attracted by her beauty and quick wit. They soon became inseparable, always going everywhere together even with their hectic lives. Seef was an owner of a small business in […]

Northern Virginia Indian Wedding of Meena and Venk at the Sunset Crest Manor

She sat down on her couch with a glass of wine and her phone; nervous, apprehensive and intoxicated with excitement. Venk and Meena had one of their scheduled phone calls and she couldn’t wait. Meena and Venk both knew from their first phone conversation that they had met the person that they were going to […]

Surya and Prithvi’s Engagement Ceremony and Reception Featured on Indian Wedding Site!

Surya and Prithvi’s beautiful Engagement ceremony took place at the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Lanham, Maryland! The traditional South Indian ceremony concluded with prayer and a scrumptious lunch! These two college love birds were officially engaged! After a quick change the ever gorgeous Surya and Prithvi posed for beautiful pictures at their alma mater, […]

Seema And Sooraj Wedding At the Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Hotel

He’s her ‘pumpkin’ and she’s his ‘love’. They were high school sweet hearts and over the years their love has grown stronger.  You will never see Seema without her signature bright smile. Her bubbly loving personality lights up the entire room. Sooraj is thoughtful and compassionate. He pays attention to the little details, the important […]