Gowri and Deepaks Wedding at Fox Chase Manor

She barely slept from the night before tapping her foot in angst and staring at the clock; she had the mental countdown going in her head. Gowri has been planning her wedding for months, from finding the perfect venue, décor, linens, dress down to the letterpress announcements and pens that matched perfectly. She had four […]

Washington DC Garba of Sachi and Manish at the Contenental Events Center

The families were large and the love overwhelming as Sachi and Manish started their wedding weekend full of smiles, laughs and inside jokes. Friends and family from near and far came to celebrate their beautiful wedding and the Garba was the perfect opening act filled with choreographed dances, songs and plenty of rass. Sachi looked […]

Joy and Kapils Sangeet and Mendhi at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Columbia MD

A night of singing, dancing, scrumptious food and laughter. The sangeet is easily one of our favorite pre-wedding ceremonies;  it gets everyone excited for the on coming wedding, everyone is dancing. laughing and ready!  Joy’s sangeet took place at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Columbia, MD. Her friends and relatives kicked off the wedding events by […]

Meera and Rupen: Garba and Raas in Hershey, PA Part 2 of 3

They should have had a half pendent each, strung across their necks and protected from everything. Two half pendants that represented their love, bond and affinity for each other. The two half pendants combined would have simply read “Best friends forever.” These two were inseparable; even if they were hundreds of miles apart they would […]