Shireen and Ranjeev’s Engagement Celebration at the Washington DC Ritz Carlton

They compliment each other in the most assured and protective ways. The way he touched her hand-sweetly, gingerly-and the way he took care of her family members in the chaotic moments of the weekend, the way she whispered into his ear and smiled ever so sweetly. Shireen and Ranjeev met through mutual friends. She was […]

Rupa and Rakesh Engagement Puja in Potomac Maryland

Rakesh wasn’t in the mood to be set up again. He really didn’t want to meet the daughter of a cousins friend of a friend of his mother twice removed. He was enjoying life and wasn’t really trying to “find his soulmate,” yet his mother persisted. She wanted him to settle down, get married and […]

Surya and Prithvi Engagement Party at Martin’s Crosswinds

Prithvi sat in the back of his economics class waiting for the semester to start. As he scanned the syllabus to see which classes he could skip he saw Surya walk right into his class, she was beautiful, funny and lit up the room when she walked in. He soon had a reason to go […]