Baltimore Indian Wedding Photography | Nidhi + Sunny

The theme of the weekend was simply perfection; the premise that through their lives Nidhi and Sunny never settled; building extremely successful lives in their respective fields, surrounding themselves with friends to last multiple lifetimes and having families that the Cosby’s and the Beavers would be jealous of. Through all their successes they never settled […]

Anisha and Nakul Wedding: BWI Marriott Hindu Wedding

They met in the third grade; when girls had cooties and power rangers were all the rage; Nakul always wanted to be the red power ranger and Anisha’s favorite possession was her Malibu Barbie doll. They grew up in the same neighborhood just a short bike ride away from each other, rode the same yellow […]

Baltimore Interfaith Wedding of Aditi and Adam

Aditi’s definition of the perfect Friday night was slightly askew from the normal college female. Hers included a great fiction book (yes she has read the Harry Potter series MULTIPLE times), a warm cuddly corner in her apartment and plenty of chocolate covered junk food. She’s read more books than most libraries hold and was […]

Vita and Samir’s Wedding: Baltimore Waterfront Marriott

Samir and Vita are one of those couples you just know are meant to be together. From the moment he first worked up the courage to talk to her that fateful April afternoon during their senior year in undergrad to the events leading up to their wedding day, Samir and Vita both felt like they […]

Seema And Sooraj Wedding At the Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Hotel

He’s her ‘pumpkin’ and she’s his ‘love’. They were high school sweet hearts and over the years their love has grown stronger.  You will never see Seema without her signature bright smile. Her bubbly loving personality lights up the entire room. Sooraj is thoughtful and compassionate. He pays attention to the little details, the important […]