Sharon + Andrew: Renaissance Crystal City

Sharon and Andrews lives were intertwined; but early on just a step off, they traveled the same circle of friends, went to the same college and on occasion even the same church. Yet it wasn’t until later and through the gentle nudging of a friend that they began marching to the tune of the same drummer.

That drummer opened up Andrews eyes like never before, he fell in love with Sharon’s quick wit, southern charm and gentle laugh. A laugh he boded anytime he had the chance; having her by his side and in his arms made him the happiest he had ever been and a gentle calmness that made Sharon feel truly at ease.

She dreamt of a night where she where she could be united with the man of her dreams with family and friends in tow; smiling effervescently and gadding the perfect moment. Her magical wedding night came true as her prince charming mouthed the words “you look beautiful” as she walked down the isle and united their love.

Sharon and Andrew thank you for allowing us to document your love and the first day of your new lives together.

Amazing Vendors:
Venue: Renaissance Hotel in Crystal City
Caterer: Bombay Tandoor
Hair: Amber Mortimer
Make-up Artist: Nina Hale
Decor: DaVinci florist
DJ: DJ Ravi of DC’s Dynasty
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