Photographick on the Radio!

It was one of those moments when you pick up the phone, scratching your head and don’t know if the call is real or not or more importantly if you were awake or not. About a month ago we got a call from Radio Fairfax asking to be interviewed about Indian Weddings. What was suppose to be a 10 minute spot turned into an hour long interview where Neeva (Wedding Planner from Project Bride DC) and I spoke about everything wedding related. From customs, traditions, heritages to how weddings Indian Weddings have influenced Christian Weddings and vice a versa. It was an absolutely amazing experience being on the radio and you can hear the entire broadcast below. Check it out!

[ca_audio url_mp3=”https://www.photographick.comimages/20140107/Sunny%20And%20Neeva%20Wedding%20Radio.mp3″ url_ogg=”OGGURL” css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player” autoplay=”false” download=”false” html5=”false”]

Radio Broadcast

, Photographick on the Radio!

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