Nikon Professional Services and NAPP

It’s like being picked for the basketball team first and not because you bribed the captain, it’s like getting the perfect set of shoes for the perfect dress on the perfect night out. A badge of honor of sorts that no one really knows about yet still means the world to you; another notch in the preverbal belt and another piece of paper.

Recently I gained “Exclusive membership” into the Nikon Professional Services organization. Which is a fancy way of saying that I own professional Nikon equipment, I am a fully time professional making a living off photography and that my photography exceeds the expectations of a professional Nikon user (smile).  The perks include getting a sneak peak at the latest and greatest gadgets and toys, advice and assistance when needed and education on various topics.

On a totally unrelated note my membership to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)AKA Photoshop nerds was renewed as well (Anyone going to Photoshop world? I am…no really).

Happy Friday! Next week we will have two amazing wedding teasers, Wedding Planning Wednesdays and other goodies. Stay Tuned!


, Nikon Professional Services and NAPP, Nikon Professional Services and NAPP, Nikon Professional Services and NAPP

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