Megha and Akil: Baltimore Maryland Engagement Session

Megha sat in the restaurant waiting, waiting for her boyfriend to come back so that they could finish their conversation about mussels in olive oil, or the latest person to get booted off the voice or something else that wasn’t all too important and that she honestly couldn’t even remember. She waited patiently, rocking back and forth in her seat at Brio their favorite Italian restaurant and coincidentally their first date location, she kept tapping her foot harmoniously and simply waiting. As time slowly ticked away and her patience began to grow thin; the waiter arrived to her table with a single rose and a card that read “Forever meant nothing to me.. until I met you”. The waiter explained that Akil had a work emergency and had to run but there was a cab outside waiting to take you on your way.

Perplexed she called Akil’s phone – he had never done this before, he always at least said good bye or sent her a message first. He was kind and considerate and although work was extremely important to him he always made time for a quick goodbye or at least a text message. Her call went straight to voice mail, she texted him and paged him with no luck. So she headed over to the cab, thinking it was strange and that she would have to analyze the contestant getting kicked off the voice all by herself.

As she walked over to the cab stand she realized her “driver” was their good friend Nishant wearing a suit and carrying her name on a board for her to find. She was perplexed and excited to travel the adventure she knew Akil had set out for her. They drove to different locations around the city that symbolized important milestones in their relationship, and each spot a new friend or family member was there to greet her with a gift and the next clue. Family and friends flew in from around the country to take part in this scavenger hunt.

The final stop was Akil’s apartment transformed into something out of this world, the floors were covered in rose pedals, candles strewn and lit across the room with Akil waiting with flowers in hand capered in a suit. As he got down on one knee Megha began to cry tears of joy – knowing that they would always be together and searching through life side by side.

Megha and Akil’s Baltimore Maryland Engagement Session took place at Federal Hill, Brio and the Baltimore Waterfront.

Federal Hill Engagement Session
Baltimore Maryland Engagement Session
Federal Hill Engagement Session
Baltimore Engagement Session
Baltimore Engagement Session


Baltimore Engagement Session

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