I’m Engaged :)

So I am engaged… or atleast I think so. Well I may be… or I will be soon, it’s hard to know when you write a post about a week early and set it to automatically post while you are on the other side of the world on vacation (also if I am engaged, and I told my fiancé that the plan was to spend 2 hours during our trip to Italy to write a blog post, I am not sure how much longer I would be engaged…thus the early post).

Disclaimer: If family or friends who I am suppose to call are reading this, stop now and wait for a phone call (please leave a comment at the bottom of the post so I know who to call 🙂 ).

So the plan all along was to propose in Italy, the most romantic country in the world. On the island occupied by kings for centuries, the plan was to propose in Capri. Capri is known for it’s majestic scenery, old world elegance and panoramic views. Throughout our relationship, one of the things Neeva and I love to do the most is to simply lay in each others’ arms and watch the sunset. We’ve always done it; on every one of our vacations, dinners are planned around sunset so we get the majestic view while dining, over a bottle of wine and well we just love them. The plan was to propose during sunset overlooking the Pizzolungo, a beautiful three sided view of the island from above and panoramic views of the ocean as well as the island of Capri. This would all happen while picnicking with a bottle of champagne relaxing and enjoying each others company. Just the two of us alone, together, eating, laughing, smiling and finally engaged.

But I can’t keep a secret, and since Capri is the last stop on this trip, I am not sure I can keep the secret that long, so I may have to do it sooner.

Airport: For some reason I am ALWAYS the guy who gets “randomly” chosen to go through additional screening. There is something about me that screams, “this guy is way too early for his flight and we need to frustrate him to ensure that the patrons feels safe.” So my bags are usually scavenged through, my paperwork scrutinized and my camera is always checked. Now the plan is to keep the ring in the battery compartment of my camera while going through security. If, God forbid they open it with Neeva around, I will be proposing in the security line at the airport…romance at its best.

Venice: To me Saint Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) has always been a location that emulated luxury, beauty and elegance. As a wedding photographer, there are certain iconic photographs that simply stand out in ones mind, as timeless, classic, and astounding. One such image was taken in Saint Mark’s Square when the bride and groom walked out of the Bastillica glowing and ran though a flock of pigeons who all moved out of the way, the happiness and glowing faces of the newly married couple, the scattering of pigeons and the iconic background was simply astounding. And if possible I would love to emulate something like that as I got down on one knee.

Another option would be to take a gondola ride around Venice during sunset, to see the most romantic city in the world by water, serenaded by Italian song, eating gelato, snuggled up under a blanket together watching the sunset would make anyone’s heart melt. I would propose right under the bridge of sighs, a place where impassioned lovers would come throughout the ages to steal glances and kisses from one another.

Florence: Boboli Gardens is an extension of the Pitti Palace where one can view centuries old roman sculptures, water trickles from greek fountains, music plays to the ears and all of Florence can be seen from above. Boboli Gardens has been named one of the most romantic spots in all of Italy. The plan would simply be to go hiking to the top, there are many paths, a multitude it items to see and areas in the gardens that are very secluded. The plan would be to set up my tripod and Camera to get a picture of us at the top of the gardens in a secluded area and prior to the shutter releasing to get down on one knee and capture pictures of us during the proposal itself.

Rome: From Gianicolo, just above Trastevere, is a panoramic view of Rome in its entirety. It overlooks famous sites as the Pantheon or the monument to Vittorio Emanuele in Piazza Venezia. The view is suppose to be breath taking yet not crowded. We would hike up this way in the evening right before sunset, sit on the stairs of the amphitheater and while listening to beautiful music with rose scented air I would get down on one knee and propose.

Other ideas included:
– To place the ring as a topping on a slice of pizza for Neeva to find (my love for pizza and her love for shiny things would both be met).
– The whole Lady and the Tramp thing while eating dinner in Rome, although getting your inspiration from lady and the tramp may not be a good story for the future.
– Rolling over in bed one morning, placing the ring box between Neeva and I and saying “you will now be my wife” (watch way too many episodes of Weeds) Disclaimer: If Neeva’s parents are reading this we have two separate rooms on separate sides of the country, we do nothing but hold hands. This is totally a joke.

The full story will be posted a few days after we get back 🙂

, I’m Engaged :)

, I’m Engaged :)

(pictures taken by the ohh so talented Ritesh)

P.S. Let’s hope she says yes…this would be really embarrassing if she said no 🙂

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