(Written by Neeva)

He represents the happily ever after at the end of a fairy tale

It was our vacation, our much needed getaway from the busy hustle and bustle that life is.  Our chance to catch up on sleep and tour the country that is known for its romance, culture and history, but more importantly it was a chance for me to spend time with the love of my life.

We were finally in Venice, Italy! The romantic city known for its picturesque backdrops, gondola rides, and scrumptious food. From the moment we landed in Venice I knew the city was special and as we walked around the beautiful plaza we snapped pictures and got lost in the maze-like alleys.  Our first day in Italy we were lucky to run into fashion photographer Ron Samuel in the middle of St. Peter’s square photographing a newly wedded couple.  I’ve always wanted to have our special moments captured and have relentlessly asked Sunny when we could have a few professional photographs taken of us so as soon as we spotted him Sunny and I quickly exchanged glances and then sauntered towards Ron, giddy with joy. We asked if he was available to take a few photos of us around Venice the next morning and just like that we had date for 7am the next morning!

We spent two glorious hours posing for photos around Venice. I was in paradise with the man of my dreams, basking in the Italian sunlight, enjoying our time together. As I was busy striking a pose on the Rialto Bridge overlooking the magnificent Grand Canal, Sunny was behind me kneeling down on one knee.

My dream had come true. I was filled with a multitude of emotions. I was shocked, incredibly happy and literally jumping for joy. He captured my heart from the day I met him. There was something about his playful personality, wit and intelligence that reeled me in. His determination and perseverance to always do better inspires me and makes me a stronger individual. He makes me so happy that I think I’m dreaming. His soul is one I admire. He brings out the best in me. He makes me be the person I’ve always wanted to be. He makes me feel so complete in life.

So its official, Sunny and I are engaged! We’re so excited and look forward to sharing our wedding planning experiences with you along the way. Thank you all for your well wishes and kind words!

, Engagement-moon!

, Engagement-moon!

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